The Sunday Currently vol. 03

Hello my dearest readers!! Finally, I had the time to compose another Sunday Currently without the stress and busyness of December! Woot… And it also means I get to spend this day with myself, my brain and my attempt to write random things over and over again then save it to draft. LOL.

I am currently…

READING Experiencing GOD. It’s one of my daily devotion materials… And it helped me, most of the time, from feeling uneasy about day-to-day life and above all else, I get to hear from GOD (aside from reading the Bible of course!).

WRITING …another random thoughts that only an introvert understands. –meh!

LISTENING to Justin Bieber’s Purpose album. And I’m going crazy over his songs! I am certainly watching his concert if ever there’s one next year! Mind you, he did have tracks praising GOD.

SMELLING my perfume — Omnia Crystalline. My mother just hoarded Bvlgari perfumes from her trip.

WISHING that this Christmas it’ll be a harmonious one.

HOPING to have a getaway before the month ends… I badly need an R&R. THOUGH I am looking forward to my Boracay trip next year.

WEARING a silky shorts and a sleeveless green tank top. Still at home and stuck between wanting to go shopping or just lie in bed until the next day. LOL.

LOVING my new ring!!! It was a gift from mom and I was actually the one who chose it. TEE-HEE.

NEEDING a glass of wine. Nah. Cheeseburger perhaps? Err.. a new top or dress!!! No, seriously, I need to do Christmas shopping!!!

FEELING peachy. I woke up feeling dull but thank GOD for another booster. GOD IS TRULY GOOD.

…..Does anyone wants chocolates? Hahaha. I am in serious glucose trouble. On a lighter note, hoping everyone a blessed week ahead!

Katrina Escover xxx

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