Take Me To Taal – Tagaytay Getaway

If there’s a place to take the tourists without spending another plane ticket within Metro Manila, where will you take them? In a heartbeat, it has to be Tagaytay. Ola amigos, amigas! I know, I know, lakwachera mode on. This time I have reasons though. My cousin Jonathan, who btw is the only first cousin I have in father’s side, is back in Manila. Continue reading “Take Me To Taal – Tagaytay Getaway”


Chasing the Sunrise: A Cebu Getaway

All my life I always thought sunset is the most beautiful thing in the world because it’s melodramatic and convenient, by convenient meaning you don’t have to wake up early. But I was wrong. [Travel vlog is at the end of this post]

So why travel to Cebu? 14 years ago, my mother deported me to Lapu-Lapu City a day after my father was buried. I was shocked and didn’t had the time to weep for him. Two Continue reading “Chasing the Sunrise: A Cebu Getaway”

Uno Dos Palmas

Finally, it’s my favorite season of all time.. Summer!  😍

Let’s go to the beach-eeeeach.. Summer came a bit early this year, in the month of FEB-ibig.

Arrived at 440AM and flight at 530AM, my friend Lawrence and I weren’t able to make it to our flight. It wasn’t closed yet and we could still make it if only I checked-in online. The thing is – I DID, a day before our flight. Continue reading “Uno Dos Palmas”