What To Do in Manila?

I had the chance to do an itinerary on “What To Do in Manila” for my cousin and his friends. It was easier to think of out of town trips but in Manila? In which area should I start?

Of course, it has to start with Jose Rizal so we went to Fort Santiago, Intramuros. I, myself, was educated once more.


DSCF2047For tourists, it’s best to hire a guide so you can learn even more about the historical avenue. We didn’t get one though because we had a minimal time to explore. LOL.


The steps of RIZAL when he was about to be persecuted.


Meet Paul, the Korean-American Christian. Ladies, he is still single.

Jose Rizal Museum.DSCF2059






I’m not sure why, but, I got an eerie feeling when I was there.





A closer look of Rizal while writing his novel


If that’s Rizal handwriting then calligraphy should be learned in school.
I’m a fan of men’s wear in the early 1880’s up until the ’50s. They all look so dapper.
The portrait of Josephine, as Rizal said “unhappy wife”. She was a beautiful woman || The KKK meeting de avanze.
Rizal’s portrait and his fencing attire
Good thing they also have a video shown to educate tourists, even I was refreshed by history.


The famous Noli Me Tangere.
Hashtag Pagasa ng Bayan
Hashtag Proud To Be Pinoy

Meet my cousin, Jonathan, who is also very much single. Yep, call me. I’ll screen you first. Kiddin. The only cousin I have on my father’s side. My dad and his mom are the only offspring of my beautiful 奶奶 (Grammy) and 爷爷 (Grandpa).

As I was trying to enhance this photo, I am pissed by the building on the right side. S’riously of all places to put up a building it has to be in the historical places like Intramuros or Luneta.


I was asked by Jon if I’d like to have my own photo for the gram, he might have the sixth sense that I do want one, LOL. I was a bit hesitant because I AM TOO SHY. I think I need more confidence on asking to take one shot of me.

The famous Jeepney miniature. Sadly, they weren’t able to experience one ride.


The dungeon. It’s closed. Eerie moment no more.
Would you believe it rained when we were inside the museum? Praise GOD it became sunny after.
Souvenir cards bit expensive. HMMM.
You may also try KULTURA for more pasalubongs/gifts.

Lunch time, they wanted to try ZUBUCHON. It’s a good thing they have now branches in Metro Manila! SO YUMMMM! Didn’t get to take a photo because we’re too hungry to do so. LOL. I just took a snapshot.


Later on, thought of heading to MIND MUSEUM… But then, I asked if they wanted to have coffee and dessert first. We went to Shangri-la Fort lobby for TOBY’s ESTATE of course. Also, we waited for Eric to arrive who wasn’t able to join us in the morning and lunch because he had an on-call work.


After a delightful merienda, we strolled around BGC and since it’s already dinner time, we opted for MANAM (it’s nearer though, the other option was LOCAVORE – which I like better!)

Manam’s Famous Sisig! Wintermelon Soup, Bangus, Bagoong Rice – SO YUM.
We are complete!

Before heading home, I asked them if they wanted to have some drinks at one of the famous clubs opened on a Sunday and I realized it’s newly renovated as well as its name “The Island”. I am really digging the place. I love how cozy it is. And you could say they enjoyed it!!!

The wristband is your pass for drinks! Techie isn’t it?

The adventurous Paul just had to try – for the gram. LOL.


Would you believe it’s the second time I’ve been in this club (yep, first time at VALK and then this). I guess you could say I am so donewith the party scene. LOL.

Really enjoyed the night with these three!

Here’s the list on what you can do when you’re in Manila:

  1. Fort Santiago (You may also do Kalesa tour) ; En route to Luneta Park afterwards as well as the historical churches around the area like Manila Cathedral and San Agustin. If you are heading there on weekdays, I suggest you also go to National Museum.
  2. Eat LECHON or PARES. Well, if they like lechon – GO TO ZUBUCHON or RICO’s that is about to open soon in Metro Manila!!! It’s really yummy!!! Definitely a go-to. Or you might also want to try GOTO Pares. It would be a great start eating local.
  3. Dessert and Coffee Lovers – Well, I just recently found out PAMANA’s merienda buffet, they serve FILIPINO dishes like Bibingka and Palitaw! Go try it. Or if you just want to chill around the Metro with a good place, go to Shangri-la Fort and order a cup of TOBY’s coffee. You can stay there – – price around 200 pesos.
  4. Manam / Locavore – two favorite tourist restaurants. Also adding to that is Sarsa. Yep, choose one of the three or better try them all. They’re all delicious and affordable. They have the BEST SISIG in town! Plus they have street food like Kwek Kwek too. I wanna add the “boodle fight” at Seafood Island which is a great place to experience.DSCF2178
  5. For a nightcap and a tita like me – I have a favorite wine place in Quezon City that is undergoing renovation so scratch it, LOL. May I suggest La Vie Parissiene or Le Petit Parissiene instead or go to Poblacion in Makati to drink and be merry. That’s where all the yuppies at.

Adding to my list that we weren’t able to do that day was the

 6. Legazpi Sunday Market or Salcedo Saturday Market – Definitely for foodie like us!

So I hope you did learn something new from me? Comment down below if you also have something to add on the list, I would love to hear from you. Thank you! Posting my travel vlog next week! Toodles.


The FORT: Sundays with Bestie

“You can’t have it all”.. I’m back with my vlog for this week featuring my bestie Florence on a Sunday adventure. But then again the universe might have been against us filming this episode. LOL.

I am taking break on travel vlog. Don’t worry I’ll be back next month with my next trip to… “Surprise Me Not”! Meanwhile, check out my new vlog!! Bloopers bloopers bloopers!

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Beauty Review: A Bad Day at BELO Timog

Summer is over, time flies as if yesterday didn’t happen. So anyway, I’m back again with my witty banters, KIDDIN. This will be quite a short review and a farewell for being a loyalist.

So I get it, I’m not a celebrity nor an A-Lister, yet I always have good words for the company and how much I trusted BELO MEDICAL GROUP with my skin. Well, I thank GOD for my genes so I only go there for like twice or thrice a year. I started going to BELO since 2008, I included them in one of my post and indicated they are my favorite beauty clinic. My friends and even my Instagram followers knew how I reckon them with my skin. Then came this summer when I was treated as if I was just a random passerby.

Back in 2008, I used to go to their Rustan’s branch at Ayala and I vividly remember I have my favorite facialist Ness (I hope I get her name right), she was the BEST beautician that made me come back. But then Makati is quite far from my place so I tried other branches until I stick to BELO TIMOG. I usually have my yearly appointment just like this recent one. Since I have “beach skin” over the months I needed to do facials and body scrub. So I called and booked an appointment. They gave me Grace as my attendant.

May 15, 2018. Usually there is someone who will assist you going up but on that day no one did plus their tiny elevator was under maintenance. When I got to the 3rd floor, no one welcomed their guests, which was so rare because usually they would ask if it’s you and would offer drinks. I waited 10-15 minutes for Grace to approach me. When we got to the treatment room, I asked her first if I could have a cup of coffee and I remember her asking “Ngayon ka na iinom ng coffee?“. I was speechless by her comment and tone, I said, “Yes, ngayon na.” At that time, I wish I took off and cancelled my appointment. She gave me few minutes to finish my coffee on which sa tingin niyo naubos ko kaya? LOL. Also, she asked me what facial treatment would I be doing. I asked her opinion but she said “Alam niyo ma’am maganda na skin niyo eh, hindi na kelangan, pero kayo…” So in my mind, “Parang ayaw ni ate ako i-facial“. Then we concluded that I’m no longer doing facials. AND I THANK GOD SHE DID NOT TOUCH MY FACE. When she started scrubbing my lower legs it was a bit hard but since I have high pain tolerance I didn’t mind at all. The last time I had body scrub was at THE SPA, The Fort and was upgraded to a VILLA. Imagine that, I have my own bathroom while at BELO – I used their public toilet slash shower room. And the price of what I pay for is far beyond what they offer.

Dahil walang kape sa bahay, CHOS. I just want a cup of coffee.

I was supposed to do a VLOG review because I always claim that I’m a BELO baby, blimey.

My annoyed face but I wanted to post on IG stories. LOL

The aftermath. Of course, it was refreshing to do body scrub but at that point in time, my skin was a bit in pain. FYI: I told Grace I just got back from the beach. I tipped her 200 pesos because for me people who are in service are working extra-hard and yes despite her moodiness.

Hello there! After the shower.

I went home and two hours later, I noticed scratches on my right leg…


This is what I get from wanting a clearer skin at BELO.
That night, I just put petroleum balm to ease it.

I informed the branch through text, IG stories (even tagged Vicky as well as Crystal – she saw it), email, as well as on Facebook. It was the next day they contacted me and I was in a meeting when they kept calling me.


She offered to have my scratches treated the next day.



What really pissed me off was that this Grace was unconvincing plus how I encountered her that day. When all the people are apologizing on her behalf, she did not. And sarcastically apologized right after.

Just so you know, I did not go back there for scratches treatment. I still have them now, a bit lighter. I let it pass and no, they did not bother to give me any compensation for the discomfort they have caused my skin. It would be nice if they actually gave me a discount on what they did but oh well. I am really dismayed by how I was treated by BELO Company. It’s not about the compensation, as you all know, it’s how you would actually offer kindness or a better service in return to your loyal customer even after the damage has been done. I still haven’t had my facials after that, I’m such a loyalist, LOL. I have a new one in mind, though. I would do a vlog on it. Do you have any recommendations as well? Let me know!

Until then! Thank you for reading my review!