Back-To-Back Disneyland, HK 2019

A little throwback to a favorite country of mine – Hong Kong. The last place I traveled back to before the pandemic happened. Sharing with you snapshots of our travel. From October getaway with my barkada to November relaxation with the family. So much has even happened in one month. We even experienced protestors outside our hotel, malls were mostly closed and all we can do is wait for our next-day flight. Despite all these things, I will always love HK and after this pandemic, it’ll be my first country to visit.

Enjoy my vlog!

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The FORT: Sundays with Bestie

“You can’t have it all”.. I’m back with my vlog for this week featuring my bestie Florence on a Sunday adventure. But then again the universe might have been against us filming this episode. LOL.

I am taking break on travel vlog. Don’t worry I’ll be back next month with my next trip to… “Surprise Me Not”! Meanwhile, check out my new vlog!! Bloopers bloopers bloopers!

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