My Beauty Regimen

There came a point where make-up is a must in my life
— that was like 10 years ago.
Also, I regret shaving my eyebrows back then using an ordinary razor
all for the reason of being curious and hey having thin eyebrows’ a “FAD” then.

After few years of being in the phase of vanity,
I realized LESS IS MORE.
“There’s always beauty in simplicity”.
I’m overwhelmed when people ask me what foundation or powder I use,
just to find out I haven’t used any of it.
I thank GOD for my genes! Tee hee.
Anyhoo, let me share with you my beauty regimen…
    My cleanser has always been Neutrogena and personal favorite is Fine Fairness.
Exfoliation is a must to our skin, so I do it thrice a week.
I’ve only tried this St. Ives Apricot Scrub recently and it works well in scrubbing off dead skin.
 After washing my face,
I use Pond’s toner to take away excess dirt and to calm (I think? Hihi).
I super love this moisturizer and OLAY has been a beauty secret from my grandma,
who is btw my beauty icon, trust me her skin is so clear and smooth.
P.S. I only use moisturizer at night though.
Very lazy in putting some but I was informed that this is the most important of all since I’m always out. Someone even told me that light exposure also darkens skin. Belo Sun Expert has been my best friend since I am a beach bella.
You may also try Shu Uemura’s sunblock mousse, works well but a bit pricey.
Yes, this is my secret to anti-powder slash foundation.
I’ve been using this Pond’s White Beauty Day Cream for over a decade,
trust me, it did lighten my skin and prolly the reason why I do have rosy cheeks at times.😄
Apart from my daily routine,
the only thing that matters most before I go out are my EYEBROWS.
(You can refer above context as to why! *rolls eyes*)
Elf Eyebrow Kit
I wasn’t really a fan of drugstore make-up until I learned this from my mom.
“Medium” color fits well for my skin tone and hair color.
This eyebrow kit has pigmented wax used as defining and shaping brows,
and the brow powder used as filling for a more natural finished look.


B and C has been my best friend ever since… Along with my eyebrow kit.
They say B is an eyelash brush but anyhow I use it to tame my wild brows.
I only use A when I put powder to cover my eye bags. Yep. Days when I feel insecure of them.
And, the only powder I’ve used in my entire life is this…
Studio Fix by MAC NC30.
Take note that I’ve been using this for almost 2 years? Yep.
I am not really a powder kind of girl. Haha.

When I have lakwacha days with friends,

and I feel like enhancing a bit of my “beauty

I do put concealer to cover my dark eye bags before finishing it with some powder.

This is a recent brand for me, trying this one out…
Erase paste by Benefit
I also recommend MAC select cover-up and Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer.
For my eyes, on ordinary days, I only curl my lashes.
And I use Shu Uemura’s eyelash curler. Best curler ever!
It never pinched my eyelids and I believe the curved angle is suited for all eye types.
And on important days, I put mascara on,
and yes this drugstore mascara is the best amongst!
(And is definitely used by professionals!)
Maybelline Magnum Volume.
So for gimmick night outs or attending a wedding,
uh-huh, I do my own make up besides, I’m only a guest.
I believe that Korean BB Cream still work wonders for Asians.
So I use Face Shop’s BB Cream as my foundation. It’s long-lasting!
— all the more I’m not the kind of girl who retouches afterward.
 For my eyes, I’m using this Naked On The Run.
And well, still on the stage where I’m learning how to blend colors. Hihi.
But I super love the earth tone of this palette by Urban Decay
 Why hello brushes!
Probably the smartest purchased way back 2008? I think.
Brush set by Dashe Brushes.
(the owner’s my friend’s sister and am so glad that I bought one,
even though, I am not a professional artist.)
Every girl should have one!
a kissable lips! Char.
My everyday companion. I super love this Maybeline Lipsmack!
I lost a few of them that is why I need reservoir.
I love MAC Lip conditioner too, it has SPF15.
Started using this lippy since 2008.
I’ve just recently tried EOS, it was a gift to me.
And for my “usual lippie” on gimmick or party days…
These two shades are my favorite apart from the rest.
Pink Noveau and Mac Red.
I also love this drugstore red lippy from Revlon! It’s matte.
For shiny lippie, I use MAC Lipglass and Naked’s Lipgloss (came from the set of On-the-run)
 And, as much as I hate going to dermatologist,
we all need to!!! Trust me.
I do visit them once in a blue moon,
my favorite beauty service is from Belo Medical Group.

Go and visit them!

So… Okay, my post is kind of magulo as to what is really my daily beauty regimen?
So, here it is…
– Step 1 Cleanse
– Step 2 Toning
– Step 3 Sunblock
– Step 4 Pond’s Day Cream
And lastly,
– Step 5 Eyebrows!!!
At night though,
– Step 1 Cleanse
– Step 2 Toning
– Step 3 Moisturize
That’s all I do when I go to office or mall…
Like this one I posted on Snapchat.
…Add me on snapchat!
Disclosure: I wasn’t paid to advertise the products. 😄😄😄
Have a lovely day, girls!
Sincerely yours,

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