Don’t you dare ask me that!

While taking a shower this morning, it just came to mind to write about things you should never ask/tell someone like me — 31 years old and very much SINGLE. 😃 Continue reading “Don’t you dare ask me that!”

Lost in Transition.

Just in time for Holidays, something happened in my life a month ago… Not what I’ve been expecting.
I’ve always prayed that “the thing” will end sooner. But I never thought of it ending so soon that I was in shocked, devastated and immorally persecuted. I wasn’t given the right to explain my side. That day, it took a lot of guts and prayers to go through. I learned to be patient, I learned to humble myself still, I learned to be a much more educated person than the rest. Yes, because anyone in my place then would’ve done the opposite.

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