Bellissimo Boracay!

September 8, 2017: Today’s the day, it’s been a year, I am moving on. Oh wait, nag text siya. 😯 this is all the more confusing. Another tiny hope sparks in. LORD, ano ba ito?

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Hashtag so TAIPEI together – Part Two

Howdy again! I am back! As promised this is a very special post and a continuation of my trip to Taiwan.

Day 3

I have to say when I turned 30, I stop counting on how old I am. I guess there is such thing as young at heart. Or just prolly, a late bloomer as they say.

On the last day of my trip, we decided to wake up a bit late in time for the last call of breakfast. It’s my special day, after all.

August 24, 2017

I thank my God for another day older, another day wiser, another day to make things right, another day for world peace. Thank YOU, GOD. May Your will be done today. Please let me have a wonderful one?

Praise God and all glory to Him.

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Rebirth of UAE

Good day, Everyone! يومجيدللجميع

I had the chance to travel to UAE with my mommy to visit my little sister Caroline who works in one of the prestige company in Abu Dhabi (FYI: she’s also a cross-fitter and definitely living her life in freedom 😝… She’s very independent since her La Salle days! I truly admire her for that because I am the opposite of who she is.) Continue reading “Rebirth of UAE”