Food Review: Mendokoro Ramenba

So tell me who doesn’t love ramen on rainy weather? WHO! Errr. Nope, not mad here. Anyhoo… I’ve heard so many good reviews on this specific ramen restaurant which is located in Makati and is now opened in BGC as well. The only bad thing I heard of this place is because of this celebrity paparazzi incident – – let’s not get into it though. LOL.

Mendokoro Ramenba’s sister company is Ramen Yushoken in Alabang, which I’ve also tried way back in 2014, I think? Yes, ages ago. And yes, definitely worth the long drive. So when the hype of Mendokoro Ramenba started and hearing one of its owners is Elbert Cuenca, I was like – WE HAVE TO TRY IT.

After the Maarte Fair, I attended along with one of my best friends, Kriscia. Which, btw, was a success!!! Great job to all the Maarte Fair contributors! I told her since we’re already in the area, we could try the ramen place! (We are pretty much a foodie, just a foodie. We have several lists of restaurants that we want to try. SOON.) Anyhoo, also the weather at that time was in extreme heights, so it’s indeed a perfect timing. Yep, remember, Aug 11, 2018? That was the night.

MAarTea Time at the Peninsula.

Mendokoro Ramenba is located at Salcedo Village, V Corporate Center Soliman, Makati. Which is beside La Creperie.

I love the concept of this place, the ramen bar is so profound. It’s very modernist, not your typical ramen place. I have to say the interior itself speaks of good quality ramen.


The good thing about this one is you have to go to the cashier first, order your ramen, pay for it and then you wait for your time. It saves you a lot of time and makes it more organized.

So glad the time we got there wasn’t too crowded. It prolly took us 15-20 minutes to wait for our turn. Sans, I heard some waited for a very long cue.


They cook it right in front of you. I think it’s also good to know how well maintained the place is? I mean, it safe to say, you’re in good hands especially with regards to cleanliness.

As you can see the time when we were able to sit in our place was also the time it started to get jampacked. Anyhoo… Eating ramen in front of everyone else can be a bit tricky and awkward.

I love how each of the seats has their own condiments and necessities like tissue ready.
The gyoza. Quite good. (P120)
We both ordered the same thing. My personal favorite TANTANMEN!!! Could you spot the chili oil? Hihi. (P440)
Char Siu is also yummy!!! (P140)


  • Food: ★★★★☆
  • Service: ★★★★☆
  • Cleanliness: ★★★★★
  • Value for money: ★★★★☆
  • Ambiance: ★★★★☆

So why did I give a 4/5 rating when it should be a perfect 5. Well, you could say I wanted a spicier taste on my ramen. Yes, I’m a chili-kind of a lover. LOL. I would definitely be coming back to this ramen place. I heard there’s a secret menu as well, hmm. Any suggestions? A little spicier? Overall, I like it, and I highly recommend it!!! Just be there before the rush hours.

Thank you for taking the time to read my review. If you do have any suggestions or restaurant recommendations, please don’t hesitate to message me or comment down below. Don’t forget to follow my website as well as my other social media!!! Until then!! Happy Ramen, everyone!

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