Chef Jay’s Patisserie: “In Your Dreams” by Glitz and Switz

Who loves cake? Don’t we all? Well, it’s kind of hard not to, right? Especially if the main ingredient is CHOCOLATE. I’m not a fan of dark chocolates though – I know what you’ll say, heard it a lot of times from friends but hey we all have different taste buds. LOL. Instead, I love milky chocolates. Continue reading “Chef Jay’s Patisserie: “In Your Dreams” by Glitz and Switz”

Ahh Sugar, Ahh Honey Honey

“You are my candy girl, and you’ve got me wanting you….” STOP. I’m not that old you know, I just love that scene from Now and Then (one of my favorite movies!).

I’m back with my crazy life adventure. I haven’t been the best person to be around lately – literally. The jolly woman in me is long gone. In the meantime, sharing with you a play-date with my cousin. Like kiddos again in one of the hottest trends in Manila – The Dessert Museum. Continue reading “Ahh Sugar, Ahh Honey Honey”