Oh Holy Week.

Happy Holy Week!

Did I sound so critical with the word “Happy”? Don’t get offended, Holy Week is a time of celebration.

I was raised in a family where we would always go to church on Sunday’s and where attendance is a-must. On Holy Week, we don’t go on vacations because we’re told it’s a sacred week since Christ Jesus died again. So I usually do what the elderly say, be kind, Continue reading “Oh Holy Week.”

Uno Dos Palmas

Finally, it’s my favorite season of all time.. Summer!  😍

Let’s go to the beach-eeeeach.. Summer came a bit early this year, in the month of FEB-ibig.

Arrived at 440AM and flight at 530AM, my friend Lawrence and I weren’t able to make it to our flight. It wasn’t closed yet and we could still make it if only I checked-in online. The thing is – I DID, a day before our flight. Continue reading “Uno Dos Palmas”