My Singaporean Birthday – LA!

My 32nd Birthday is the cherry on top of the cake in my entire life.
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The Last Twenty Something Age

I don’t remember the feelings I had when I was a little girl celebrating her birthday, was I really happy? Prolly yes, because of the parties my parents throws for me… 🙂 Here’s one of those little celebrations. I’m surely blessed by great parents who wants to give their daughter the best of the best when they were little. Thank you, Papa and Mommy =)

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…of love and affection, KIDS FOUNDATION

Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future
– John F Kennedy.
I’m sure we all have our fond memories of our childhood.
I’ll never forget how I cried over a Barbie,
it was supposed to be mine, instead my dad gave it to his goddaughter Abigail.
So our friendship changed ever since then.