Take Me To Taal – Tagaytay Getaway

If there’s a place to take the tourists without spending another plane ticket within Metro Manila, where will you take them? In a heartbeat, it has to be Tagaytay. Ola amigos, amigas! I know, I know, lakwachera mode on. This time I have reasons though. My cousin Jonathan, who btw is the only first cousin I have in father’s side, is back in Manila. Continue reading “Take Me To Taal – Tagaytay Getaway”


CEBU FOOD TRIP: A Single Woman’s Appetite

As you all know, I eat a lot. So if someone tells me, “you’re so skinny, eat up.” I would glare at them with with a husky tone saying – “I AM A BIG EATER.” Kiddin. I have a big appetite (except for rice) and I thank GOD for my genes.

Hello everyone! I’m back with my foodie review. This is actually part two of my CEBU post. So where did I binge when I was in CEBU? Continue reading “CEBU FOOD TRIP: A Single Woman’s Appetite”

Chasing the Sunrise: A Cebu Getaway

All my life I always thought sunset is the most beautiful thing in the world because it’s melodramatic and convenient, by convenient meaning you don’t have to wake up early. But I was wrong. [Travel vlog is at the end of this post]

So why travel to Cebu? 14 years ago, my mother deported me to Lapu-Lapu City a day after my father was buried. I was shocked and didn’t had the time to weep for him. Two Continue reading “Chasing the Sunrise: A Cebu Getaway”

Manila’s Riverdale, Big Boy’s Diner.

*Enter Jughead’s mood tone* In a big town of Sto. Domingo, three ladies (who call themselves, team KJ, for over 7 years) met up for a quick dinner and chismisan. Katrina felt like the odd one because both of them were named Joanna Marie and Joanna Marie. Yep, you got it right and not only that they also have the same surname. As they push their way in to Big Boy’s Diner, will team KJ solve the mystery of their names? 😂 😂 😂

Do you think I should’ve end up being a screenwriter? Anyway, this post is long overdue kasi I’m lazy like that. I kinda dig this place because I’m a huge Riverdale fan!!! Cole Sprouse, if you are reading this – I LOVE YOU. Moving on, super love the vibes of BIG BOY’S DINER despite the place is quite small. Also, parang mas okay if it’s built from an abandoned trailer, don’t you think? But then again, who am I to “design”? LOL.

Hmm, what to order?
Ol’ school radio. 70s?

The Bible verse on the wall caught my eyes – – – I actually had the same verse on my bedroom wall. A great reminder! Judging the owner of the place – – he prolly is a man after God’s own heart.

A perfect dinner date place too.
Team KJ. We were 4 back then, Kelvin was eliminated. LOL. (May story kasi…)

So we ordered these… Hmm, I really like the cheesy fries, wings (AS IN!) and the salmon! The mozarella and porkchop were okay.

Mozarella sticks, Cheesy Fries and Wings
Salmon was really good.
I am a Bubblegum fan!!! LOVE LOVE THIS!
My milkshake – don’t you dare sing the song! Shot by Joanna Marie (Hulaan kung sino sa dalawa!)

So, would I highly recommend this one? Maybe. The ambiance is perfect even the bathroom (too bad didn’t even took a photo of it), thus they can improve better on their food. But overall, this is a great place to hangout especially students, really. The prices of the food are affordable as well.

Reminiscing college…

PS: The place has a fee for those bloggers/instagrammers who will using a dslr camera. So, yeah. If you’re thinking of a place for prenups or even a birthday-themed photoshoot, this is the place to be.

I can’t wait to share the next post because it will get a bit more emotional – yes emotional, kiddin’! MORE ADVENTURE TO COME! 🤣🤣🤣 Don’t forget to subscribe to my social medias!


Ahh Sugar, Ahh Honey Honey

“You are my candy girl, and you’ve got me wanting you….” STOP. I’m not that old you know, I just love that scene from Now and Then (one of my favorite movies!).

I’m back with my crazy life adventure. I haven’t been the best person to be around lately – literally. The jolly woman in me is long gone. In the meantime, sharing with you a play-date with my cousin. Like kiddos again in one of the hottest trends in Manila – The Dessert Museum. Continue reading “Ahh Sugar, Ahh Honey Honey”