A Letter To Myself in 2023

Dearest YOU,

You survived. You made it. You fought your way through. You lost friends, and gained new ones. You’re hurting and yet you are still holding on.

Sometimes you wonder what it’s meant to truly live a joyous life in the Lord?

You spent money on things that you know you shouldn’t have, but what is money when you can gain temporary happiness? The joke’s on you.

Pandemic taught you to be resilient but at the same time it also taught you to simply keep quiet, observe the people around you, and realize how much pain changes people.

You know you have changed. You used to see the goodness in every people you meet. You give chances to every single one without holding barriers but that has changed too. Everyone will have to experience betrayal but too much of it makes one person’s heart hardened. That’s why your heart has turned bittersweet

You remember when one pastor said, “Don’t put your trust in humans because they will always fail you… Trust only GOD” With that said, you never imagine you saying it today… “Ditto pastor, ditto.”

You miss the jolly person inside you, somehow it has been eaten up. You don’t wish bad on the people who did harm or hurt you, but you are grateful to them for you’ve experienced what it means to forgive and move on.

Every emotion you feel is valid, when it hurts a lot – LET IT GO. One day you’ll realize why walking away is better than staying.

2021 – 2022 is a teaching time from GOD, you know it. A time to surrender every single thing, every single relationships, every single desire for you to be whole again.

Pretty sure by now, you’d be sitting across one of the tallest buildings in the world and telling yourself, “Lord, thank you for the opportunity to grow. Thank you for being a father, thank you for being my best friend, thank you for your grace and love.”


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