Answered Prayer 2020


Happy New Year!!!

As I prepare myself for Prayer and Fasting, I asked myself, “What do I believe God for this year?”. Truthfully, there are faith goals in mind, things that the Lord kept still for His perfect timing. YET one thing I knew my heart’s been yearning for this year 2020, “WHAT IS IT THAT YOU WANT FOR ME THIS YEAR, LORD?”. For almost 9 years of doing prayer and fasting, I never asked the Lord what HE wanted for me. Of course, faith goals are faith goals – trust me, I still have them written in my heart too believing for Him to fulfill. Yet as I grow deeper and deeper in my walk in Christ Jesus, I realized one thing – what He wants for me is what I also want. It could be hard at first, but remember when He said, “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts – Isaiah 55:9.”. On the first night of P&F, the LORD answered my prayer right away. He whispered directly to my heart what He wanted for me this 2020. He said, “I know you wanted to serve, but the past few years had you traumatized to do so. I am offering you MY JUSTIFYING GRACE. Serve me in my house again. Don’t be scared anymore to serve. It’s okay, I understand, I know your heart. But tonight, since you are coming before me, I am putting upon you my garment of righteousness if you don’t have any & I want to clothe you with my joy so that your joy may be made full to overflow. So that once more, you can stand up again.”. What a revelation from the Lord.

But He didn’t stop right there. In the past few weeks, I had this desire to buy myself an AirPods as a gift. I asked closest friends, specifically my best friend Florence (since she had one already) if it’s worth to buy. Until I decided that I will purchase yesterday if I ever saw an APPLE store before attending the service. I walked past BHS to Victory Fort, my friend Carl challenged me to do so, I was on liquid fasting and heels with that long walk, LOL, going back, I never saw one. I met up with bestie for breaking of fast, and she told me I would do an unboxing. I was giddy. The first box I opened, it was a black AirPods cover. I laughed hard, knowing it was a sign that I should buy one. Little did I know, came the second box.

I am overwhelmed by the goodness of the Lord through my generous best friend. Lastly, as I took a photo for this cover page, in front of me lies this perfume, I thought to myself, the very first expensive perfume I bought, and I remembered the ALABASTER JAR of Mary, written on the book of Luke 7:36-50, when she poured her tears and the most expensive perfume on His feet. That is ME. I couldn’t help but worship at His feet, emptying myself before HIM for He is worthy to be praised. I wanted to share this story of #AMAZINGGRACE not to boast because I am nothing apart from HIM but to be an encouragement that there is A GOD who loves you, waiting for you with His arms wide open and wanting for you to receive the same GRACE He had offered me. GRACE is my LORD JESUS CHRIST. My hope and prayer for you this year is to let Him in. ❤️ #toGODbetheglory 





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