Your Guide to K-Drama Tour + Best BBQ Meal in South Korea (Part 2)

Happiest New Year, everyone! Hope all of you had a beautiful moment with the LORD as you entered the New Year with a grateful and forgiving heart…

Finally, I’m done editing the second part of my Korea trip. If you haven’t seen the first one, better click the link – FALL in love with SEOUL, South Korea (Part 1). This second part is prolly the most memorable one, and honestly, the top favorites that I’ve done among the rest, most likely because I’m a big fan of GONG YOO and getting lost in a province with the language barrier in Korea were one for the books. Also, the last day lunch I had was the best meal ever – the best BBQ in Myeongdong. Enough of my storytelling. And before you watch my vlog, I want to thank One Day Korea Travel and Tours specifically Jay for being so accommodating and entertaining the whole time. I definitely recommend the company as well as him if ever you guys are heading to Korea.

Without further adieu, K-dramanatics!



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