FALL in love with SEOUL, South Korea (Part 1)

Do you ever get hangovers? I’m not talking about getting drunk though, but the kind of aftereffect when something so beautiful suddenly happens to you. That’s what happened when I went to Korea.

I’ve always dreamed of Autumn season, where leaves fall, and they turn to something red orangey. Seemingly so romantic that whenever you walk right through them, it feels magical.

My barkada’s original plan was just 5 days and 4 nights but apparently and thankfully with ASIANA Airlines you can have change your return date FOR FREE. How cool is that? So we decided to add a few more days. Also, we would like to thank Hyejin Kim of LOISIR Hotel Myeongdong, after having a double booking, she helped us sort it out with AGODA’s disorderly customer service. Also, it was so convenient to book admission tickets online (Everland by KSTORY TOUR and LOTTE WORLD Adventure) with KLOOK sans the portable wifi issue we had way back last year in Taiwan.

Seven days still not enough to explore South Korea, the food are so delicious, and people are so honest. My friend dropped her cell phone in one of Myeongdong’s station early in the morning, and she was able to get it back right after her trip from Paju. South Korea is indeed a beautiful country and no wonder a lot of tourists, like me, quickly falls in love with it.

Above all else, I’m grateful to our FATHER GOD in HEAVEN who gave me the chance to explore more of His creation.

I hope you enjoy this first part of my Korea vlog and stay tuned for the next one!


To GOD be the glory always!

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