Malaysia Vlog: Quick Trip to KL and Malacca City

After two months of being lazy, LOL. Here is my trip to Malaysia last September 2018 with my family for three days and 2 nights. Also, I would like to thank Harold Tan of Travel Okay Travel Tours for arranging our 2-day tour.

This trip was one of the most spontaneous, spur of the moment because my little sister’s in town. Personally, the highlight of this trip was the Batu Caves. I mean, would I even have the patience to climb stairs? LOL. But it was really worth the steps. Also, the night out at Bukit Bintang was my favorite too because of the food wise, my first time in a hawker place because I didn’t go to one when I was in Singapore (I know!!! Checkout my post on that one.)  Anyway, sharing you some photos and of course, don’t forget to watch my vlog.

  • Hotel Review: Platinum Suites/The Face Suites:
    4/5. Great place to stay, gorgeous rooftop but the only thing that’s really concerning is the service lift that goes down. Always took us longer than expected. All the rest is good though.
  • Food Review:
    A. Nasi Kendar Pelita – 4/5, good local food place. Very reasonable price.
    B. Deep Blue Rooftop – 5/5, exceptional place and delicious food. I love everything about this and will definitely go back.
    C. Restoran Pei Zing – 3/5, well I wasn’t feeling the vibes of a local Malaccan food. It was more of a typical Chinese resto.
    D. Xin Ji Kitchen – 5/5, I love every dish that we ordered, exceeded my taste buds. LOL. I love hawker places.
    E. The Whisky Bar – 5/5, love the place and the cocktail that was served to me. Refreshing as the bartender says.
  • Tour guide: Tourland
    2/5. Sorry to say but it wasn’t worth the price we paid for the tour. The two tour guides were just there for the sake of being there, and they weren’t very engaging or entertaining, let alone ourselves to figure out where we were. We could’ve rented a grab car instead, oh yeah, we met a grab car driver on the way to Mitsui, and he told us everything we should’ve gone to which he seems very knowledgeable.
  • Airline: Air Asia
    2/5. First time to ride an international flight with Air Asia and it was the worst flight of my life especially heading back to Manila, airplane was already moving but the cabin luggage still open and people still standing. One FA was very rude to me as well as much as I want to expose his face I’d rather not go down the hill again. LOL.
The beautiful Batu Caves
OOTD: Plains and Prints
Made it on top!!! So gorg!!!
Royal Selangor, Pewter Factory.
Deep Blue
3 hours drive to Melaka (Malacca City)
The beautiful Stadthuys
Petronas Tower shining brightly using Fujifilm XA-5
Triplets, momma and her daughters.
At Platinum Suites/Face Suites infinity pool overlooking KL Tower

Until then!!! Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel and to this website for updates. In a few days time, I’d be editing my Korea vlog!!!! YES!!!! THANK YOU FOR TAKING TIME!!! God bless you.


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