Chef Jay’s Patisserie: “In Your Dreams” by Glitz and Switz

Who loves cake? Don’t we all? Well, it’s kind of hard not to, right? Especially if the main ingredient is CHOCOLATE. I’m not a fan of dark chocolates though – I know what you’ll say, heard it a lot of times from friends but hey we all have different taste buds. LOL. Instead, I love milky chocolates.

My favorite chocolate cake will have to be from Chocolate Fire, their BELGIAN GANACHE CAKE. Sadly, they have been closed since three years ago. Aside from chocolate cake, I’m also a fan of buttercream cake and cheesecake! Now, I’m drooling.

Anyway, for the past few months, I’ve been seeing this gooey chocolate cake all over the internet and was thinking of trying out one. I once tried a free taste of gooey cake from a kiosk in the mall made by this celebrity choco-maker, it tasted good enough, but somehow it was a bit pricey. So I didn’t attempt to buy me one.

And after months of deprivation (CHAROT!) along with the fad of gooey chocolate cake, came a more affordable and delicious one made by an old friend of mine, Jenn, who is a pastry chef and has been quite known to the Filipino-Chinese community. So I ordered right away.

Delivery made it more convenient, thank you GRAB.


I was really excited that I opened it right away and had a taste of her GOOEY CAKE. She calls it “In Your Dreams” because as she quotes “Mapapaginipan mo sa sarap.”


Let me just put it in my language, and I’m telling you this now that I’m not a food blogger, just a typical review-your-food-in-the-best-way-I-know-how. LOL. So the first layer – as they call it “dusty crust” was genuinely crisp and you could even hear the crack of it as you sliced it all the way – yes, may ganern.


As you can see the chocolatey is slowly showing off and I was already giddy about it that I wanted to eat it and forget about blogging. LOL.




So how shall I describe it in one word, “Dreamy.” Livin’ up to its expectation. Well, am I biased? Prolly!!! What I love the most about it was the aftermath. Unlike some could be too bitter or too sweet. The first bite of this one you could actually taste the bittersweet of the cocoa and after that comes the creaminess and smoothness of its chocolate.  Perfectly gooey chocolate. Plus it’s so affordable for only P475.00, and it can be served to 6 pax.

Just to give you a quick background of Chef Jay’s Patisserie owner, her name is Jenn Lim. She is also a cheerdancer, yep, I was one of her dancers back in college. She has been baking since 2011 and has made a lot of wedding and birthday cakes over the years so you could’ve prolly seen her. Check out her Facebook profile – Glitz n’ Switz and make sure to leave a message and order one now!

Meet chef Jenn.

Until my next food review, thank you for reading!


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