Beauty Review: Kera Lift, Strokes by Momoi Supe

Oh you know, to be a woman in thirties. Finally, I had the time to write and edit my vlog about Kera Lift which should’ve been posted a month ago. I know, I was too preoccupied for the last few weeks that I didn’t really “had the time.”

Almost every celebrity has been raving about Kera Lift on Instagram, and it made me more curious, and so I did research concerning the service of Stroked by Momoi Supe.

FYI: Unpaid advertisement nor sponsored.


  • Service: ★★★★☆ (Everything is almost close to perfection)
  • Money:  ★★★☆☆ (Php 2500 is a bit pricey for the said service.)


  • And yes, after a month of the procedure my lashes are still a bit lifted. Thinking of doing extensions instead since my lashes are thinner and shorter.

Click on the video below for a thorough review, and I do hope you guys will enjoy it!


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