Food Review: Blue Posts Boiling Crabs and Shrimps

There are days when your brain is not functioning properly. Days like Sundays you just hit the road off and grab some delicious food, think less and enjoy every second of the day. Yet the cons of having a zen moment is people taking advantage of it, like the one we experienced at Blue Posts Boiling Crabs and Shrimps.

Disclaimer: WE HAVE NO IDEA IT WAS 800Grams of Crab they gave us.

Our agenda was to attend Bloggers United since we both want to meet Kryz Uy (my favorite blogger) but since it was so crowded we took off.

Rainy and Crowded.

Drove around and went to Seascape which is a new hangout place at the back of Sofitel Philippines. The place itself mainly focuses on “Dampa” vibes.. And found our way to Blue Posts Boiling Crabs and Shrimps. I was giddy because I thought it’s a cheap place for crabs and I remember telling Yana that I just had dinner last month at Red Crab on which it’s a bit expensive and expected.

The place is quite nice. Feeling the ocean vibes.

(Updated) Too bad I wasn’t able to capture the moment where the servers came to our table with a bucket of crab and suggested we try the salted egg flavor crabs – said it was their best seller. So we said okay. Unfortunately, they served an 800GRAMS without informing us. They even questionably asking “Yon lang po ba order niyo?“.

To be honest, I was smitten by the servers hospitality. AS IN. Yana told me “Wow, sila pa naglalagay ng bib natin?”. They didn’t do that to the other table though.

The kuya who actually showed us a bucket of lively crab. And he put the bib for us.

We were a bit shocked when the crab came to our table, in my mind, “WOW!! How big the serving is! And how cheap these cost.” (Assumera!). I’m a big fan of crab as well.


To be fair, the salted egg crab was really delicious. It’s so tasty you wouldn’t want to stop. I was drawn to the taste of it. Plus the corn is a good combi for those who doesn’t like rice like me. LOL.

Yanski excited to binge!
Meet Yana, one of my college friends who is now my kumare.
Yep. Finish the whole thing despite being bloated.

We were so full and happy until the bill came. We were shocked to find out how much we were about to pay.

Who eats a 2K worth of crab that is just nearby DAMPA?! WHO!!!

We were like, for a CRAB?! For a freaking crab!!! I even suggested to dine at Sofitel if only I brought the Accor card. But for this. It’s not worth it for two pax. Lesson learned for us though is to ask how much grams they would serve us. Thanks to the servers who just took off after we finished meals. We told the manager about this one and as always we just got a “Sorry ma’am, pagsasabihan ko sila“. They don’t accept credit cards, good thing we brought extra money. Truly not a crab momentum though it’s really yummy.

If you are dining in, I suggest you ask the servers first about how much grams they will give you. LOL. Plus, it’s better to share with two more!

Until my next food review.

PS: For haters of this review, I have been to several restaurants like the Red Crab, Choi Garden and even at JUMBO, SINGAPORE, I usually don’t ask how much grams because THEY ARE THE ONES CONFIRMING WITH US. So yeah, I’d say it still is the servers’ responsibility and FYI I didn’t say anything that we are right, we are also at fault for not asking.

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