Food Review: SAVAGE, BGC

Of course I’m talking about FOOD again. Tee-hee. I’m back in the heart of BGC where no one stays skinny. When one of my best friends asked me where to eat aside from Tomatito.. She mentioned “Savage” but I shrugged the word off and thought let’s go Tomatito. FYI: I’ve tried Tomatito and it seriously is a worth-drooling experience. Check my previous blog for review.

As we head to BGC that night, Krish asked again which of the two I prefer? Tomatito or Savage and the rest is history. So if anyone tells you – Savage, think twice. LOL.

We had a hard time finding this place though. Located at the Plaza, Arya Residences. McKinley Parkway.
I love how minimalist the place is.


The Menu.

I heard that Savage is headed by chef Josh Boutwood of the Bistro group. The menu itself spoke of the smoke and charcoal based dishes and I love how chefs lately been making art in the kitchen that makes you appreciate its outcome and enticed you to eat even more.

What I look for most in restaurants is the knowledge of each servers and that’s what I liked about SAVAGE. We asked for the best sellers and they walked right through each dishes. We are very pleased with the service. GREAT JOB, SAVAGE!


Devilled eggs, smoked oil and ash
Cheese plate, house jam and bread
Seasonal Salad.
Roasted Potatoes
Grilled Corn, harissa, garlic emulsion

Main Course: (We are meaty people so we didn’t try the fish but they said it’s also good!)

Ribeye 16oz, charred onions
King Edward Pork chop, mustard leaf chimichurri


Sticky Toffee pudding with vanilla ice cream

Overall the experience we had exceeded our expectations, especially with the main course. The texture of the rib-eye and pork chop really left a mark on our tongues. I mean, how do I even describe it? I’m not even a legit food blogger, I’m an eater. LOL. Might I suggest try it yourself. It’s worth a-one time visit. The price though is quite a bit high for small plates, heads up.

The foodies. My barkada of 3 decades.

And it’s so nice they have this wall where you can actually write down your love for the resto. Thank you, SAVAGE!

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