Take Me To Taal – Tagaytay Getaway

If there’s a place to take the tourists without spending another plane ticket within Metro Manila, where will you take them? In a heartbeat, it has to be Tagaytay. Ola amigos, amigas! I know, I know, lakwachera mode on. This time I have reasons though. My cousin Jonathan, who btw is the only first cousin I have in father’s side, is back in Manila. And this time with two of his closest friends who wanted to explore the country for the first time. All I could think about was food trip but I also asked my bestie, Florence, what else to do aside bingeing and we thought of – – why not they go hiking to the crater? It was one crazy day after all, we never thought the only hiking part was you have to go down to Batanggas, which was not part of our itinerary. From Tagaytay – Batanggas – Tagaytay. We went back to Tagaytay because I couldn’t let them leave without having dinner at the finest Filipino restaurant – Balay Dako. My cousin and his friends liked it among all the Filipino restaurants they tried. Definitely worth the longest road trip.

A shout out to my bestie for joining us to a quick getaway – thank you so much!!! Also to the woman who assisted us at Club Balai Isabel – THANK YOU!!!

Here’s a short video of our Taal trip. Hope you like it!

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