Ahh Sugar, Ahh Honey Honey

“You are my candy girl, and you’ve got me wanting you….” STOP. I’m not that old you know, I just love that scene from Now and Then (one of my favorite movies!).

I’m back with my crazy life adventure. I haven’t been the best person to be around lately – literally. The jolly woman in me is long gone. In the meantime, sharing with you a play-date with my cousin. Like kiddos again in one of the hottest trends in Manila – The Dessert Museum.

So glad to tag my cousin, Christina, along since she also wanted to try this place and can I just say – she has an eye of a pro-photographer. (You may also check my Hong Kong getaway with her – Summer of 2017 )


Located at the ground floor of S Maison
Mic check, 123. DONUT judge our diet.

A TWO-HOUR run through of the place, in every room you get a free dessert that speaks of the room itself. Yes, rhyming baby.

Your pass to get desserts
Yep, literally just chillin’ right here.

She booked our ticket online at Klook because it’s a bit cheaper than TDM‘s website. Some online sites also offer their best rates. Google them now!

First things first, the DONUT room.

DONUT kill my vibe.

So why I chose this outfit? Because this is so me (Ang sabaw ng answer ko! 🤣🤣🤣). I’m more of a Vintage-Chic kind of girl. I’ve always loved the ’50s era. Sobrang peg ko because of the classiness of their style back then. Anyhoo, I also added a denim jacket which symbolizes youth – yes youth. Bagets. Kiddin’. My other option was a sweatshirt over a denim jumper then realized it’s not not an outdoorsy place. I mean, hey, I’m 25. JOKE. I guess you could say, I’m a bit more conscious in dressing like a thirty-something woman.

EYE see you. Denim Jacket by H&M | Top by Topshop | Skirt by ZARA

When pulling a fashion trend, you gotta know which suits you best and what’s not. And the first rule in fashion, as for me, is being comfortable with what you wear.

A MALLOWful room.
OH Happy Mallow Day!
MA-LOWer shot pa, ate…


Secondly, be wise in spending. Some clothing and accessories aren’t worth the dimes. And some pricey ones are worth for a lifetime investment.


I love these sunglasses (which are in nowadays and prolly forgotten after summer) I got it online from Shop Nicole Syjuco with a great deal of 599! Yes, for two already! I’m not really a fan of online sellers though but somehow I’m breaking my rule one by one. Still, it’s a test of water. LOL.

Oh HI! Andiyan ka pala.

To tell you frankly there’s no rule in fashion and style, only self-awareness.

Knowing yourself more pulls off a great style in you.

Having a trusted friend to help with your outfit is also a-must. Not because you don’t trust your instinct but hey, no man is an island, even in fashion. 👯‍♂️ As a stylist, I also have my confidante – one of my besties, Kriscia. We usually have the same style and sometimes would end up buying the same outfit – that’s why I trust her. A few times, she would remind me to quit thinking of the negative people and just let yourself be who you are.

She belonged in this sweet moment.
Fly away with me

Your style speaks of who you are. Like this one I took of my cousin’s portrait. I adore her free-spirited attitude. She’s one of the few fiercest women I know in my life. AS IN. She’s an independent and strong-willed woman who is also selfless. Yep, I think it’s one of her qualities that people don’t often see.

Move. Laugh. HIHI. – Direk Kat



Being a Christian in the line of fashion and style is HARDER than most people think. The thing is I still get bash for wearing sexy styles because they would quote me the Bible verse – Your body is the temple of the HOLY SPIRIT. In this area, I speak of my own convictions, I believe that whatever you do in life, whatever you wear, whatever GOD sees in your alone time, is really up to the relationship you have with GOD. Legalism is not on my vocabulary. This is too broad. YET, if you feel offended or confused with what I said you can actually message me!



Stuck in a tub of bears.

Being in 30’s gave me a bit of different view on dressing up. I was once asked, “Kat, kanino ka ba nagpapa ganda?”, as she looks from head-to-toe. Back in High School and College, of course, in the phase of wanting a boyfriend you dress up for boys. And then you hit mid-crisis and realised, “Hey you gotta love yourself a bit more.” So I told the nosy ate, “I’m dressing up for myself, dear.”

Shine, not for them, but for GOD. Be an inspiration!

Me, twirling, as always.

To live freely. Gaaah. My cousin told me I’m too reserved to pose. Which is soooo true. I love shooting her instead because in her I see happiness in photos whilst me I kinda get the sophisticated vibes which is blimey at times.

GIRL POWER advertisement?

I often get the impression of being “overdressed. I remember one time, one of my colleagues told me “Wow, medyo overdressed ka.” I was wearing a wrap LBD and pump because we have a stock seminar to attend and she’s wearing jeans, didn’t even thought of judging her, really.

There’s no such thing as overdressed, honey, only under-dressed. In short, DONUT judge my appetite nor my outfit. *wink* *wink*

Posing for social medias can be a bit tiring, yes public figure, I’m just kidding. It takes a thousand photos and angles to seriously know which one of yours is the best one. Don’t give up on finding yours. Just like in sports, practice makes better!


Yep, me and my cotton candy!

My dear readers, I’d say have a break, take a moment to breath, and more time to figure out yourself. There’s nothing more beautiful than a quiet and confident spirit. After all, “Charm is deceptive, beauty does not last; but a woman who fears the Lord will be greatly praised” – Proverbs 31:30.

And for your curiosity, if you’re not an IG-holic meaning, bloggers slash instagrammer, TDM will not be worth your time. BUT as for kiddos and those cute little fashionistas, dear mommies, it’s worth a visit!!

And until then, don’t forget to subscribe to my social medias and to my newsletter! See you in my next escapade at none other than… 😍

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