Grid x Griddle Gastrolounge and Gaming

A week after my trip to Dos Palmas, I’ve been having #sepanx on game night. I guess you could say I’m now officially a geek gamer? If there’s even a word for it. No longer the party girl but a gamer. WOW. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† Moreover, my bestfriend Florence invited us to visit her brother’s newly opened Gastrolounge and Gaming located in the heart of Greenfield District in Shaw.

That day was also Chinese New Year, kaya nag red ako. Actually, my mother forced me to. I vividly remember last Christmas “family” photo shoot muntik ng hindi matuloy because I was wearing black. So anyway…

Loving the street lights here!

GRID x GRIDDLE – derived from the word “Grid = Board game. Griddle = Stove”. The concept of the restaurant supposedly just a place for good food but since the business partners are also board-gamer, they thought why not put their hobbies and passion together

You can actually bring your own game, as long as you follow house rules!

Since OC ako I had to take another shot of this area. Cool vibes, noh!

I got excited when I asked the server if they have Sushi-GO! And they do. My happiness cannot be contained. The guys in front of us were literally geek gamer, I wanna join sana.

Ayon lang, wala akong kalaro. HAHAHA.

Aside from having board games, it also draws people to try their food. Bonus na lang talaga yon games.

Takoyaki Fries. It’s weird fusion but really really tasty!!!
Steak and Mashed Potato
Margarita Pizza is so yummmm!!! Exceeded my expectations.
Chicken Finger. Love this too!
I also loved this one — Sausage Platter!
Sisig! Nom!

I heard they will be putting more food variety… Can’t wait to go back and try them!

Masarap ba bestie?

While the adults were still eating, I played with the youngsters. Of course, I’ll always be young at heart. We chose Jenga.

Sneaky and good, pinahirapan si Ninang Kat, promise!

We played Snake and Ladder. The three losing team. LOL. My inaanak Kelzey and I won! Tee-hee.
Next game was this. But I forgot the name of the game. HAHA.
Serious business. Competitive tong mga kasama ko. HAHAHA.

But I won. I did. Claimed it. Oh em gee, lucky me, must be the red dress. LOL.

Piglets and family!!!
Finally, new DP for our group. The piglets! My two bestest friends, Flo and Krish.

I would say, this place is highly recommended NOT because I personally know one of the owners, but the food are really delicious and affordable thus a board-game cafe is where you want your kids to be at, right? So while they play, you get to eat. LOL. Plus, a great combination of food and game is where great friendships are strengthened.

I’d be sure to be back here!!! πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’— share your thoughts if you’ve been here too! Until then.


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