Uno Dos Palmas

Finally, it’s my favorite season of all time.. Summer!  😍

Let’s go to the beach-eeeeach.. Summer came a bit early this year, in the month of FEB-ibig.

Arrived at 440AM and flight at 530AM, my friend Lawrence and I weren’t able to make it to our flight. It wasn’t closed yet and we could still make it if only I checked-in online. The thing is – I DID, a day before our flight. It’s just that, PAL mobile check-in is really bulok. Take note, it wasn’t even a full-board flight. Oh well, they told us we could book their next flight at 4PM, thus, we needed to pay P8000.00/each for the re-sched. Who are they kidding, right? πŸ™„ oh PAL. Those were also the moments when I’m grateful for CEBU PACIFIC AIR. Meron silangΒ hourly flight to Palawan. Plus, it’s way cheaper. We booked the 1PM flight and stayed at the airport lounge so we could take a rest.

The Wings, Naia 3 Airport Lounge for Domestic Flight.
Thank you, CEBU PACIFIC, for your kindness.
We requested for good seats and they gave us the first aisle! 😍😍😍 excuse the PAA of our seatmate. Prolly his slipper’s been missing. LOL.

So it has been a year, Palawan, can’t believe meron new aiport na!

Picked up by DOS PALMAS shuttle and took us to their receiving lounge. IMG_2463

We also had a chance to meet two new friends Jay and forgot his friend’s name, who btw, were attending a wedding at DP.

Cheers to a bad beginning but a beautiful ending.

We had to wait for the last boat at 4PM to take us to the private island. Our friends were already there especially Hawk and Louie (Who, btw, our flight companions, ayon lang hindi sila late. LOL!). Some of their photos.

The second batch!!!
The lovebirds. Hennie and Emer. Thanks to this man – if it wasn’t for him this trip won’t even happen! Wuhoo!

Why hello, Dos Palmas. Shot by: Hennie
A welcome necklace for each guest! Naks.

Our villa! All along I was thinking we’d be in stilts, wasn’t able to research that it has been long gone.

Giving you a quick tour of the ladies’ room.

First things first… Night swimming!!!

Swimwear by CESA PH. Meet Hennie, the woman behind the LOGO of my website and Styled by KRE. So funny we both had striped swimwear so we decided to wear it ng sabay! Hashtag Twinning.

The first night adventure we did was to play Sushi-GO. You see, most of my friends don’t play board games except for the rare occasion of Monopoly. But this group taught me to enjoy it and sobrang natuwa ako. Back in college, I was busy with the gossip girl agendas, LOL.

The next day, we went island hopping at Isla Puting Buhangin. In fairness this Palawan trip was so relaxed kaya I really enjoyed it.

The Dos Palmas Crew. (L-R) Betts, Hennie, ME, Law, Hawk, Ryan, Kenny, Jeff, Poch, Emer, Bernard, Louie. Ready to explore!
The truth is, GUSTO LANG NIYA mag SOLO-fie.
Betts did not get the memo. LOL
All aboard!
Emotero si KOYA. Kenny, mahal ka ni Lord. 🀣🀣🀣

Medyo nahiya pa ako mag blogger pose, hindi pa kami close ng iba. LOL.

Thanks to the photographer Emer, HAHAHAHA. Nawala yon hiya ko.
And of course, dinamay ko sila. Meet Betts, ang saya saya niya diba?
Appreciate these two ladies even more as we walk together in Christ.
Isla Puting Buhangin. Isn’t the skyline so beautiful?
At dahil si Kenny meron, kelangan meron din ako. Joke. Where is my neck? LOL.

It’s so nice to just take a moment in silence and feel the breeze.

Moving on, as soon as we got there, well.. What else can I do then?

OOTD Swimwear: No brand Cap: Adidas Sunglasses: Lily and Jones

Ladies, he’s single and ready to mingle.
Caution nga diba? Si koya lang talaga makulit.
My roomie, Bettina, since FGH Travel.
Love love love this photo!
DP crew ’18
First time to try a FRESH straight from the sea, UNI. YUMMMMM!!!

After our island hopping at Isla Puting Buhangin, we went to another place for snorkling, well, they did. Tumambay lang ako. LOL.

They were ready to dive in!

After snorkling went back to the island and did our own thing… Like these two gentlemen. Jacuzzi moment.

Dr. Poch and drummer Jepoy.

The Tres Marias. I meant, the explorers. LOL.

Ano besh, okay ba yon sunblock mo?
My bare naked face. Excuse my kilay and eyebags. Two of my favorite annoying friends Hawk and Lawrence – literal na annoying in my life.

Always in awe of the sunset. “From sunrise to sunset, let the LORD’s name be praised!” Psalms 113:3

Sunset in Palawan
Hello from the boys and their muse (walang kontrabida! LOL) na gutom.

Meet the gatecrasher, LOL. Waiting for the SDE though. Hahaha.

Sunset shenanignas with the boys… My two girlfriends were having their beach date with their GB. πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

Do you ever wonder what God was thinking when He made the sunset? I just thought that perhaps it sets because GOD wanted for us to take a rest and reflect in HIM after working a long day.

I just want to freeze this moment and thank HIM for the beauty and wonders of the earth.
One day, I will learn how to swim.

So the boys were playing cards….IMG_2590

That led to this… HAHAHAH. You sure know who lost the game, right? LOL. Walang respeto kay ahya. Kiddin’ Ryan!

Dinner time came, we had a quick devotion led by Jepoy. Topic: “In AWE”


So, Emer and Hennie were bored that night that they thought of this. My golay, koya. Bros over bros. LOL.


We also surprised Emer because it was his birthday week.

Hashtag couplegoals. Perfect photography. HAHAHA

After dinner and devo, we played another board game – Sequence and Spy fall (Super nakakabaliw na game!!!), which also led to another man’s push up. HAHAHAHAHA.

Anyhoo.. The next day we had our free time… I had the chance to spend quiet time by the beach, disconnect to connect.

And I couldn’t let the day slipped away without posing for my blog. LOL.

OOTD: Swimwear: Eight Mermaid Shorts: H&M Shot by: Hennie

This was the other side of the resort where the Spa was located. Love the place because of its serenity. We also tried the island massage, it wasn’t as good as I expected.

Shot by Lawrence.
The new journey of these two started in Palawan. Hihi.
So gusto niya above shot sana eh walang drone. HIHIHI!!

So may nag-eemote din… Hihi!!! Hi Hennie. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

Always beach dazed.
I’m cra-SEA for you. Pun intended. LOL.
Dazed and gutom. Hihi.

Half of my heart is in CABANA, ooh-na-na(ay, ay!).

So the last night we played another game of spy fall and of course — KARAOKE.

These two love birds singing “No One Else Comes Close” Teehee

In fairness, these boys have golden voice – Posh and Ryan. Nakssss.

There was also fire dancing for two straight nights. Somebody call 911! Shawty fire burning on the dance floor.. Woaaah. 🀣🀣🀣

Go kuya, its yo birthday, go kuya.

On our last day, we didn’t let the moment pass us by without playing another SUSHI-GO. I must say, it was a bit #sepanx with these guys, I really had fun.

With Henniebels while waiting for the boys.

What I’m going to miss about this trip, well, breakfast with the gang and board games at night… πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ

So long, farewell, Auf Wiedersehe, Goodbye.

Parted ways after our pasalubong shopping, Law, Hawk, Louie and I went to meet my good ol’ college friend Hazel, who’s from the city itself. Love this girl who took her time to spend it with us. She brought us to one of the local restos in town.

Ka Inato

I was so giddy they have BUKO!!! Kasi walang BUKO at DP.
Must-try when in Puerto Princesa.
Thank you, Hazel, for your lunch treat!!!

After late lunch, Hazel asked me if I was able to visit Blue Palawan Beach Club last time, I thought I haven’t but then I realized I did last year. Cheers to the last day at Palawan. Going to miss it. Boo hoo.

The Fab Four with Hazel! Thank you for your hospitality! I’d be sure to come back.

As I grew older, I’ve become a bit of an introvert kind of person, you could say circumstances changed my perspective on letting people in to my life. Na-trauma ako at one point in time. People turned their back on me ever since I became a Christian because I no longer see myself as a desperate party girl wanting for attention. Sometimes, I get mocked for my belief – tipong they would say “Christianity is just a hoax“, so feel mo hindi ka na belong. A year ago, I never thought I would actually have new set of friends again, knowing my trauma, but GOD is again a GOD of relationships and new beginnings. He gave me not just new friends but friends who serves the same GOD as I do.

Considering I didn’t wanna spend another dime for late flights, we were a bit early at the Palawan airport. Glad to actually made it on time.

PS: The night before our flight, I checked-in online and an error occurred. Hawk and Louie already had their boarding pass emailed to them whilst I had to call PAL’s hotline so I could check-in. A waste of my time and money (I had to use my mobile phone!!!) just to secure my flight. Hay, kaloka PAL!

OOTD: Denim and Dress: H&M Flats: Purple Sole Suitcase: American Tourister

You have captured my heart, Palawan. Until then.

(I do not own copyrights of the music used on the videos. Music credit: LFO – Summer Girls, Calvin Harris – Summer)





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