Oops, I BUFFET again.

Okay, so pa-corny ng pa-corny yon title ko. But it works, noh? Because you’re here! Hola!!!Β It’s the last day of FEB-ibig! Summer is starting to get into our skin already! I can’t wait to spend more time in the beach!!! 🌊🌊🌊

First stop, THE ALLEY by VIKINGS. Buffet birthday dinner treat by one of my barkada.

UP Town Center
They require reservation even on a weekday dinner.

An international street-inspired food hall buffet that caters to 15 different food concept as it said on their website. I love the concept of the place, very unique and OG. And the price is reasonable and affordable for less than a thousand pesos. Busog ka na may pang shopping ka pa! Here’s a quick detour of the place. And FORGIVE ME, I LITERALLY FORGOT TO TAKE PHOTOS of my food. πŸ™„ perhaps it’s a good thing too, so you could try it for yourself. Tee-hee. Dear Vikings, can I get a free buffet for this advertisement? LOL.

And of course, first things first.
This is reality in blogging when ate isn’t cooperating. LOL. Cappuccino anyone?
Too many choices on the beverages. They also have sodas and beer.

My favorite among the rest of the food hall. FISH BALL!

Manong, pa-fishball po.

I also liked Buono’s cheese wheel pasta and steak from Steak-a-minute. Tempura and salmon from Ya Tai. And the oyster from O’Sean Eleven.

Also caught my attention was the roaming balut, so giddy I had three.

Balut, anyone?
Happy tummy and happy birthday Aaron! In fairness, complete kami!

The next day (for real), mother asked me to join her on another BUFFET treat:

Spiral Manila. No words to describe the love I have for this hotel restaurant. I could be their number 1 endorser, LOL. Here’s another quick tour of their 21 dining atelier.

Aside from their FOOD, I love the ambiance too, a very modern Mediterranean style. 😍 I’ve tried several hotel buffet but no one has ever surpassed Spiral Manila (again, this is my own opinion). And what excite me most each time is the CHEESE ROOM. They literally took it to the next level.

Just so you know, I, along with my family and friends, don’t eat at Spiral when there’s no discount available – ACCOR Membership card. Hello ang mahal kaya if wala! Hindi afford ng budget.

It was actually a party of 4 but I gatecrashed my mother and amigas dinner all for the love of food. Ang takaw ko. Literal. To be honest, when in buffet, I dislike taking photos because I want to concentrate on my food but then I needed an article to get me by. Hahaha. So I took some.. though not enough (please watch my vlog instead)

The first atelier I would visit would be Japanese and not a single time I would not request for UNI Sashimi, so glad they have that night! The buffet also offers unlimited coffee of your choice and Tea bags.

Yas to Japanese cuisine!

In the video, you’d see the Cheese room guy’s been making a platter, I asked for one but he said for VIP lang yon. Oops. πŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ™Š (Ok lang, maganda rin gawa ko, LOL)

Cheese and Salami platter

And I paired these to a glass of wine. It’s not included on the buffet, BUT take note, when you have ACCOR card they have 15% discount so keribels.

A glass of Cabernet Sauvignon, cheers!

Another fave of mine in this plate! Foie Gras. They only serve this on dinner time.

And because it was a bit cold weather, I went for Laksa! How I miss BUGIS though.


I also had Peking duck pancakes and other Chinese cuisine, pasta and seafood. Now I wish I took more photos of. Boo hoo.

This is for free! A strolling tray of chocolates!
And for dessert. I super love their gluten-free Creme Brulee!
With the amigas and mother. PS: Gwapo yon nasa kabilang table eh. Birthday pa niya. Hihihi.

I hope I was able to enticed you with my foodie review. If not, please let me know so I can improve more. Now, I suggest book dinner at The Alley or Spiral and try it, it’s worth your money and tummy. Until then, see you in my Palawan summer post!


2 responses to “Oops, I BUFFET again.”

  1. Gusto ko nung fishball! Tsaka balut na rin sans cholesterol lang nga.

    1. Katrina Escover Avatar
      Katrina Escover

      Haha!! Yasss cholesterol nga but a good kind? Lol Keto diet peg

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