K-Food Mania

The most bias Korean post ever. Annyeonghaseyo!

Research says (feeling nag research! HAHA) Filipinos have become a Korean fanatic. Whether it’s a series, music or food, KOREAN has a big impact to their everyday lives. Should I say I am too? Not really except for GONG YOO, also known as, 공지철. He has swept my feet away. NiceUnlawfulKinkajou-max-1mb

These were my birthday gift from one of my best friends, Kriscia. Can I just say how KILIG I was? Tee-hee.

Gong Yoo, if you’re reading this… Please come home to me. LOL.

Moving on, this is not a post about GONG YOO, but if you want me to I can carry on? Kidding. I love Korean food and I haven’t been to Korea (Hoping our trip to Korea this coming autumn would push through though!). Of all the Korean Restaurants I’ve tried… (And I wonder why Erwan Heussaff didn’t featured this restaurant, sigh) Makchang will always be my top favorite.

One of the branches in Adriatico (nearby Cafe Adriatico) is where me and my best friend Florence go to. Already friends with the servers though!

The place will get you an after grilled smell but who cares if you’re busog lusog, right? So why here? Well, I super love how affordable it is and the place pretty clean as well. The servers are very friendly and would attend to your needs right away. PLUS, their side dishes are to-die-for. (Medyo exag ako but s’riously super sulit!!!)

You get the soup, veggies, kamote, kimchi… And you’re ready to go. Also this spicy radish not on photo. I also ordered rice, screw diet. Teehee.
Steamed Egg (You have to request for this one before they give you though but it’s for free!!!) and my favorite PA MUCHIM also known as Green Onions Salad/Scallion Salad – my favorite! It’s a bit spicy as well!

And for the meat — drum roll. I’ve tried several meats on their menu like their makchang, samkyupsal, beef galbi… All are good ones but there’s only one kind I would order over and over again…

The Pork Galbi – marinated. SO TASTY!!!!!!
You may cook for yourself but I usually ask the server to do so because I might burn the meat. LOL.

And voila…. Ready to eat!

Pork Galbi at Makchang deserve an award!!!!

Just a week before this date with Stef, I told Florence that I was craving for pork galbi at Makchang. Good thing though, I was around Manila this time and asked Stef if we could have dinner here. And guess what she said, SHE LOVED IT TOO!!!!!!!! I think I converted her to a Makchang Mania. LOL.

Meet my prayer partner, Stef! Happy tummy!

Since we are going Korean all the way, Stef wanted to try bingsu and we found this cafe nearby Adriatico.

Snow Panda
The place a bit small yet you get a feeling of a warm welcome.
Never thought it would TASTE SO GOOD!!! 10/10.
MANGO BINGSU. Doesn’t give justice to its actual taste. YUMMM.

I seriously suggest you drop by Adriatico one of these days and try Makchang and Snow Panda in one! Tee hee.

And now the question boils down to… HAS KOREA HAVE TAKEN A BIG INFLUENCE TO THE FILIPINO PEOPLE? It’s up to you to decide. Until then!


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