I’m Only A Hong Kong Away.

(I’ll be there to save the day.. Superman got nothing on me… Ok, so corny me. 😂)

Happy 2018 everyone! There’s always a beauty in knowing the end is near and another new chapter is about to begin. HOPE.

December 1, 2017 

Dear God, surrendering everything to You. Praying that I can still see Your goodness even in my unbelief. I rest my soul in You.

“Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand. Proverbs 19:21” 

December 13, 2017 

Where to have media noche? Planning on an overnight family staycation but this company’s taking over our holiday season might as well scratch the thought.

An unplanned trip with my sister. She called me days after Christmas and said she wanna go home or better we meet in Hong Kong because the flight was way cheaper. Unfortunately my mother and my two siblings weren’t able join us because our company has a year-end deadline to finish. I just couldn’t let the year pass by without seeing my annoying sister, kinda miss her fart – not. LOL.

I expected I would go ballistic with horrendous airport shenanigans, surprisingly, less people on an early morning flight.


Heading to our hotel. This was also the first time I tried the Airport Express because usually I would ride uber or cab. It’s so convenient as well because our hotel has its own drop point shuttle. #Adulting

“Hanggang dito sa Shuttle eh mag-isa parin ako. LOL”

We stayed at ROSEDALE HOTEL HK, Causeway Bay. Since check-in wasn’t until 2PM, we decided to grab coffee and small bites nearby.

Hello from my annoying sister. She’s too giddy to see me, of course.
  • Elephant Grounds – recommended by my bff Kriscia. Still a bit full, we ordered Avocado sandwich and coffee. One of the must-try cafe in Causeway, located in the heart of Fashion Walk, Paterson Street.
Snapshot from IG stories and my dearest brat captioned it as “MY INSTAGRAMMER SISTER”

We didn’t really had an itinerary in mind except we’d celebrate NYE. So we strolled around and agreed to go to Tsim Sha Tsui. The weather was a bit cold, okay, prolly way colder than expected. We were in serious business craving for ramen.

  • ICHIRAN! So glad we got there around 5-ish in the afternoon. The line wasn’t too long (unlike the last time in June when I waited and left – check out my post). We waited for almost 30 minutes just to get seats from their booths.


There were two set-ups at the restaurant where you dine at the booths and the other one was for groupie. We wanted, of course, to experience the Japanese way of eating alone.

Excited to experience the best ramen in the world.
I wish we have ramen booths in Manila for introverts like me. LOL.. | The order sheet while my sister and I both ordered a bit spicy ramen.
Sneaking to other’s booth! They close your window once your order has been served. A quick background of this is said to be designed for women who didn’t want others see them eat. Hmmm.
Matcha beer, anyone? It’s good!
Window closed. Ready to binge!

BEST RAMEN EVER. I thought Ippudo captured my heart but this one is a whole lot different.

After dinner, we decided to drop by Victoria Harbour. I’ve actually never been there so it was refreshing to see the gorgeous city lights!

#ootd Solid on Prints.
Victoria Harbor showing off. So gorgeous.

After a long walk, we thought of having a night cap near our hotel. My sister has a place in mind…

I forgot the name of the girl but she’s a Filipino who was so accommodating and helped us to decide which drinks would suit us!!! Thank you!!!
Not a cocktail enthusiast but these were really good ones. Very refreshing and not too strong. A bit pricey, one cocktail = almost 100HKD.
One of the baristas or perhaps the owner asks if he can join the photo with us. LOL.

Exhausted and sleepy we missed our free breakfast from the hotel. Blimey – I guess you could say we’re sisters, indeed. LOL. Anywhoo.. We got dressed for our last lunch of the year – so happy I was able to reserved two seats for us because they were fully booked especially at night. Took uber so we would be on time.

  • MOTT 32 – One of the most “raved” restaurants in Hong Kong. With modern Chinese fusion.
My ootd, leather jacket from H&M | Crop top from Zara | Skirt from @shopcopper. And so glad I brought my Jane slip ons in genuine leathers. Yasss order na on IG : @purplesoleph

They have gorgeous interior!!!

Do we lookalike?


Where’s Kat?

Dim Sum Luncheon. And I read on a foodie review that you have to order in advanced their BBQ Pluma Iberico Pork and Apple Wood Roasted Peking Duck because it’s limited daily. The food we had were recommended by one of their servers and turns out sooooooo delicious and worth every penny! We didn’t ordered Peking duck because we actually have a post-lunch as to where to eat it.

BBQ Pluma Iberico Pork, Yellow Mountain Honey
Signature Crispy Sugar Coated BBQ Iberico Pork Bun and Hot & Sour Shanghainese Soup Dumplings – SOOOOO GOOD.
Crispy Prawn Cheung Fan – delicious!!!!
Soft Quail Egg Siu Mai
Scallop, Spinach, Caviar Dumplings
Seated at the bar counter high table and high chairs. Happy sisters!

If you will ask me, I WOULD GO BACK again when I’m in town. Yep! After our sumptuous dim sum lunch we were thinking Yat Lok or Yung Kee (I had a previous post on this one, Discovering HK) for our finale. But first, coffee.

  • Coffee Central by Coffee Exchange. We were in Central and looking for the streets where Yat Lok and Yung Kee located when we accidentally saw this cool coffee shop located in the basement. Loveeee the place for quiet time.
Cappuccino at Coffee Central
  • Yat Lok, we decided to try the restaurant since it’s a lot cheaper and one-starred Michelin. Waited for almost 30-45 minutes to have a taste of their Roasted Goose. Good thing though, our tummies needed to digest from the dim sum fest.

The famous Yat Lok Roast Goose and Pork. Around 150HKD

Yat Lok has a super small space for eating and quite uncomfortable seating arrangements because you will be eating with others as well sans that the food was really good and tasty!!! I guess you could say it’s better than Yung Kee after all it’s also a bit overpriced.

Cheesecake and Macarons.

After lunch we head back to our hotel to rest and prepare for our NYE at Tsim Sha Tsui. Because that’s where the fireworks will be. We also face-timed with mommy, wish I could post her funny photos 😆😆😆 but she might be reading my blog. LOL. Furthermore, I’m glad to watched the last service podcast at Victory Christian Fellowship FORT.

Pastor Patrick Mercado preaching

I didn’t expect the weather could go down to 7 degrees on NYE. But somehow it did and my clothes cannot adapt to it. So my sister and I bought stockings and gloves before heading to the other side.

  • 太興 (Tai Hing) – We had our last 2017 dinner at our favorite restaurant in HONG KONG with our favorite Milk Tea – as for as the best and legit above all MTs.

After few hours of pahinga, lamonacion again. Here’s us – – MEDYO BUSOG pa. 🤣🤣🤣

Had to tag my barkadas because they love this too!!!
Redoing our Tai Hing MT pose.

December 31, 2017

Another dream come true slash crossing it out on my bucket list, celebrating NYE where the biggest crowd gather for countdown in another country (exclude hotel countdowns, LOL). I thought I’d end 2017 with a heavy heart but my GOD has turned it all around. Tita Nessie was right, I was so scared of the unknown, my walls are higher than the Great of Wall of China and thicker than the wall of Jericho… I should let go of toxicity. Why was I so pessimistic? This wasn’t me at all… I am letting go. I will trust GOD that greater things will happen in 2018. 

I have nothing in my life except my GOD and my family especially my little sister. She’s my everything. I’m overjoyed to celebrate the beginning of 2018 with her!

Hello 2018! I’ll never forget that long night just to get into the spot where we were. LOL. It was indeed one adventure, sissy!

Since we stayed on the other side of Hong Kong and the news said it’ll be quite hard to get back if we left TST later than 2AM, we went back to Causeway Bay. And settled to drink in our PJs! Cheers to a night of chisams and chisams. GAAAAAH. Way better than partying at LKF.

One of the poppin’ bottles! And no, I’m not an alcoholic. I just love red wine – a glass or two.

Well, a bit hangover, glad to joined breakfast on the first day of the year! Too bad lost the photos. Anyhoo. It’s also our last day in Hong Kong and we’ll be parting ways. 😐 On to our first lunch of 2018…

  • Din Tai Fung – well, because we’re just few blocks away from the branch. Teehee.
Xao Long Bao at Din Tai Fung

Making sulit of the time we had, I’m going to miss this little munchkins. My one and only baby girl! My sister and I are total opposite of each other, she’s an introvert and I’m an ambivert. I like social media whilst she dislikes it. I’m open to public and she’s very private. Yet despite our differences we’ll always have each other’s back. I always get teary-eyed in the airport whenever I send her off and I don’t think it’ll change. I still get emotional and, well, you just need faith in GOD to protect and keep her safe.

2018. Truly it is the year of the Lord’s goodness (Propehsy)

“Taste and see that the LORD is good. Oh, the joys of those who take refuge in Him! The LORD is close to the brokenhearted; He rescues those whose spirits are crushed.” Psalm 34:8,18

Where to next?

January 1, 2018

Dearest GOD, Thank You for being my anchor all throughout the end of 2017. Just when I lost hope, You literally showed me the way. As You said, many are the plans of a man but the Lord’s purpose prevail. So, THANK YOU!!! Giving You back the glory and lifting Your name above all! I love You, Daddy.

I can never stop thanking GOD for His favors and blessings. I don’t deserve it all because I am wicked and sinful yet it always boil down to the ONE PERSON I will forever be grateful for – JESUS CHRIST. If He didn’t paid the price of humanity, I don’t think we’ll live. Thank YOU, Jesus Christ.

It was a blissful trip once and for all. GOD really turns mourning to joy. All glory back to HIM!

PS: Flying with Cathay Pacific Airways.

I have high expectations with Cathay Pacific since I was little, it was the first airline I experienced flying with. And then Cebu Pacific came and the rest is history. So back to my short story, “Life Well Travelled” as Cathay Pacific would quote.

I was so happy I was seated by the window BUT ANNOYED and PISSED by my very well-mannered seatmates. I don’t get people who watch videos without their headsets on. Really.

Economy’s food. C’mon Cathay, water? Seriously? You can do better than that!!! | This guy has the airline’s headsets on but sadly he forgot to plugged it on his phone. REALLY. Take note, at first it was her mother and then him. JUST WOW. I had to get his attention for this and sadly, he just toned it down.. UGH.

I was looking at the flight stewardess to call their attention but I guess she misread my eyes. Blimey. I wish people have the decency to think through their actions if it affects their surroundings. I don’t really care which race you are or how rich you are but at the end of each day your character will be your own judgement.

On the other hand, thank you for reading my article. See you again in few months, Hong Kong! PPS: I do hope Cathay would read this and take note of it.


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