Bluer than Blue

Oh the Christmas rush.

I love parties, NOT. I’m starting to feel like a #titasofManila. Or perhaps an introvert. Am I, not? Whenever I tell people, they would just stare at me and roll their eyes.


Sometimes, I wish they would take me seriously. LOL. On the other hand, Christmas shopping is one of the craziest amongst. Imagine all the shopping you need to do, making a list and checking it twice — gotta find out how many godchildren you have. (I’m pretty sure you hummed along 🤣🤣🤣) I even went for a 3-day shopping for gifts just to finish them all. Plus, your holiday outfits. Okay, so I grew up in a family where my grandmother taught me two things:

  1. Use moisturizer errrrday of your life. (And she died with still the most beautiful skin I knew of) – And the secret? Olay. (Trust me)
  2. Don’t underestimate the power of dressing up (especially when you’re feeling blue).
I got “it” from my grandmother. Yep, I think I did great here. Thanks to grammy.

Mi familia grew up in a tradition where we would go shopping together for our Christmas outfits – even when my parents didn’t have enough back then, they would go an extra-mile just to make us feel it’s a joyous celebration. (I thank God for my wonderful hardworking parents!!!)

My siblings and I on Christmas Day.
I had better bangs back then don’t I? LOL. I love my outfit here rocks the recent “terno” comeback!

The great thing about our generation is how TECHNOLOGY exerts above all. I’m really not a fan of online shopping but I do have several faves and these two I HIGHLY RECOMMEND also made my holiday rush easier.

  • ZOOSHOP – The first time I tried actually failed because of the zipper but what I love most about this shop is you can actually return it and have it exchange. The shop offers variety of clothes from formal to casual livin’ it up to the latest trends.

After almost three decades, “TERNO” did comeback.IMG_E1428

Bluer than Blue on Christmas Day. ROMINA CREPE SET
ROMINA CREPE SET: What’s really nice with this outfit is how you can wear them seperately. And my TORI fringe flats made it all perfectly.
  • PURPLE SOLE – I used to be a walking stiletto woman. With my height, I feel like I needed to aim higher. LOL. I love how comfortable and durable this brand moreover how trendy it is. I could say I’m a loyalist even my driving shoes came from Purple Sole. Teehee.

With all the hustles and bustles of society on Holidays, it’s hard for a busy woman to find time and squeeze on finding a perfect holiday outfit. I wanna thank all the online sellers for stepping up.

Be sure to check out their sites. I’ll be posting more about fashion and styles, especially where to get them, very soon!!!

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PS: Unpaid advertisement.


2 responses to “Bluer than Blue”

  1. Olay! Yes, definitely the best and most economical moisturizer that works. I think your Amah (nanay) has influenced me on that too, hehehe.

    1. Hi achi Ivy!!! Aaw, yes!!! I believe she has stack of that olay set. Haha. And I trust her with skin regimen! I miss her though.

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