How handsome is “Hey, Handsome!”?

I’ve always wanted to try “Hey, Pogi!” este “Hey, Handsome!” since 2016 since I heard it’s a collaboration between Chefs of Your Local and Hole in the Wall. Yet I only get the chance to try it (I only have time on Sundays and they’re closed!) last December of 2017 on an out of the blue lunch with one of my best friends.

With my bff slash foodie buddy.
A. Beetroot Paneer with Coconut Rice. B. Nam Tok (so yummy!) C. Poached Prawns

The price range depends on how big your appetite is but I believe if you’re two or three persons it would cost around 1K – 1.5K/each and a happy tummy.

Will I come back? BUT OF COURSE. Exceeded my expectations (feeling foodie lang! Lol). You may try it for yourself! 😍 let me know if it also goes well for you!


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