Bellissimo Boracay!

September 8, 2017: Today’s the day, it’s been a year, I am moving on. Oh wait, nag text siya. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ this is all the more confusing. Another tiny hope sparks in. LORD, ano ba ito?

September 28, 2017: I wanna remember this day for HIS amazing blessing!!! I just got back from FGH travel with a dead iPhone. In my dismay, I rushed to the nearest Beyond the Box service center. I sincerely prayed, waited, lo and behold, GOD answered my prayer. APPLE will shoulder my expenses, in short, they will be giving me a new unit. PRAISE GOD. (The beauty of waiting…)

Septermber 30, 2017: I CANNOT BELIEVE I WON CHONG GUAN again.ย And what’s funny is that I told Krish if nanalo ako I wouldn’t be lucky in love. Oh well.

Hello everyone!! I took a break from the painful city. It’s been a three-month struggle of anxiety and depression. Oh wait, make it more like a year. Ang tagal matapos ng 2017.

October 1, 2017: Why do I feel like dying inside? What is this? I feel like I’m stuck in a loophole of sadness… I am trying to aim perfection… Perfection.

October 18, 2017: Rest in peace, uncle Tony. It’s been a tough week for everyone.ย 

Where else to go then other than Boracay? I would’ve booked Siargao but the ticket priceย  was way out of my budget since I decided to book the last minute. I seriously am in dire need of a VACATION.

November 4, 2017: Restless, incapable, stagnant, how do you move forward?

November 14, 2017: ย “I am like an olive tree, thriving in the house of GOD. I will always trust in God’s unfailing love. – Psalm 52:8 … Randomly, I just clicked on the confirmed button… See you in two weeks, Boracay.

Always been a Boracay baby since 2005.

I asked my best friend, Florence, if she wanted to go with me, it’s been the hardest season for her. ๐Ÿ˜žย we decided to have no sports activity except sailing day.

Two weeks before I head to the beach I decided to go back to boxing and running. Thanks to my friend Joanna who jogged with me. Healthy living na. (More like, abs asan kana!)

Just so you know, there’s a whole new airport system happening in Caticlan. Sadly, Cebu Pacific Air left Florence’s luggage. They said they’ll find it and will have it fly in the next flight. (They didn’t even offered any complimentary…)

Hello Boracay! I miss you. The weather on first day wasn’t really good. It rained and thankfully at night it stopped.

We stayed at Henann Prime Bearch Resort at Station 1 (Beach wing!) and the first night we didn’t have a pool-access because there was no room available. It’s a new hotel by Henann Group of Companies aka Boracay Regency.

While waiting for the luggage to arrive so Florence can change, STARVING, we went to my all-time favorite since 2005, Aria. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ย  But first things first…

#wheninBoracay you can’t miss this one out or you’re doomed. LOL. Jonah’s the best shake in town or prolly in the Philippines.
Mi Paborito! ๐Ÿ˜

After lunch, went back to our hotel, I took a time off watching the sunset whilst Florence’s waiting in our room because the luggage still haven’t handed to her.

Speedo Swimwear | Sunnies Studio

We were an hour late for our dinner at Rima, Shangri-La’s Boracay. Thankfully was able to contact reservations to move our time. And here’s a quick video of the place.

TJFO0572 I have to say, Rima is so much better than Sirena. It’s so yummy especially the steak and suckling pig! The risotto’s not so good.


IMG_E5187 (1)
I couldn’t leave without a photo op. Dress: Shopesville GH. (Forgot the store!)

Day 2:

A good morning to you too, Boracay! Gaaaah. How beautiful the scenery! A bit excited for Henann’s Breakfast (They’re quite famous for it since Regency days)


And we still haven’t had our shower yet. LOL. Hello nasa beach naman. HAHAHA

After sumptuous brekky, finally had my quiet time. I brought my Life Application Bible, it helped me throughout the years to study God’s word. While meditating His word, I was revived, refreshed and I repented for all the doubts that I had. 2017 has been a really tough year, I was burnt-out, I have been waiting for His promise of marriageย (AGAIN) that I missed out on the Promise-Keeper. My eyes were waiting for signs and wonders when He had given me beyond that… I was ungrateful that’s why I got into this state of complacency.

Isaiah 62: Israel’s Prayer for Jerusalem 62:1 “I will not stop praying for her until her righteousness shines like the dawn, and her salvation blazes like a burning torch.

Yet even the midst of affliction, GOD will always be with you. Hold on that. He is unchanging and HIS love for you and I, it’s unwavering and steadfast. I thank my GOD as to where I am now. One day at a time, He will work things out for His greater good.

Around lunch time we packed our things because we’re moving to our new room – – the one we’re so excited about!!! A pool-access room at Henann’s Prime Beach! Wuhoo. But it wasn’t ready yet so we had lunch first and met with Florence’s old acquaintance Dindo at Henann Regency.

Again, first things first. Jonah’s shake! Also, ang mura ng pamasahe when you say “regular”! Hihihi.

Too bad, there’s no avocado shake for me.
I was still full because of breakfast so I insisted on ordering salad, opted for Pomelo salad but they ran out of pomelos, so I ordered “Talong Salad” (that came into a really tiny plate. Haha.). While “bestie” was medyo gutom. HAHAHA. We ate at Mesa in Henannn Regency while waiting for Dindo.

Then our hotel called and said the room’s ready!!! This is a quick video tour of our new room.

And of course I needed a blogger pose. LOL. I love the interior of this hotel! Very chic!

Swimwear by: Beyond the Beach

Para sa mga newly-wed or better yet reviving marriage again. BOOK NA! And of course to all the single people out there, invest on vacays like this than… Invest on a wrong relationship. PAK. Ganern. LOL.

The exterior is so perfection. And I love how the logo seemingly stands out.

After a quick dip, naglatag by the beach. The sun was out, the sky was clear, the sand were fine, how can we resist?

The fine sand of Boracay’s Station 1
Mojito shake! Happy hour, indeed! At Sur’s Boracay. One of my favorite places to stay.
With bestie. ๐Ÿ˜ chillin’ by the beach.

Sunset watching is always a thing for me. It makes me realized how beautiful is the handiwork of GOD.

Boracay still is the best sunset place in the world.

Supposedly we’re going sailing but then we saw kuya teaching paddle boarding. So yeah, I couldn’t let it pass because you only get once chance to try new things, so do it now.

Kuya trying to teach me
More than a conqueror in Christ!
Paddling through thick and thin!

After sunset, craved for some Isaw and BBQ!!!

There’s something about the BBQ and ISAW on this island… โค
Wedding by the beach.

Went back for a night swim at the hotel. So happy no one was with us. Hihi. Perfect time!


And this is me… Enjoying the perks and learning how to float. YEP, I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO SWIM.

I also ask myself why do I love the beach then if I don’t know how to swim? HAHAHA.

After an hour or so… We were hungry again! Dindo, Flo’s friend, recommended this resto The Pig Out Bistro Boracay as one of the newest famous restaurant in town.

IMG_0677 (5)
Green Oysters and Pig Out Wings
Crab Burger, Bone-Marrow Burger
Mi paborito — Creme Brulee!!! And it’s bigger than my hands!

Well, truth to tell, didn’t really liked the burgers though. But sure did enjoyed the appetizers and dessert! You could try it for yourself.

And since I thought I’d be going alone, I booked a morning flight back to Manila. Haha. Florence’s wasn’t giddy about it, well it’s really nakaka-antok. Hihi. Anyway, while waiting for our transfers. Here’s the back and east wing of Henann with a connecting bridge to the beach front rooms.

And as I said, Caticlan’s airport has been quite renovated. I love how they have Starbucks already. They used to only have Cafe Illy.

It always break my heart whenever I leave Boracay, until then! ๐Ÿ˜˜

November 30, 2017

It’s alright Katrina, you’ll get there. God is with you. God will heal the broken road.

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