Hashtag so TAIPEI together – Part Two

Howdy again! I am back! As promised this is a very special post and a continuation of my trip to Taiwan.

Day 3

I have to say when I turned 30, I stop counting on how old I am. I guess there is such thing as young at heart. Or just prolly, a late bloomer as they say.

On the last day of my trip, we decided to wake up a bit late in time for the last call of breakfast. It’s my special day, after all.

August 24, 2017

I thank my God for another day older, another day wiser, another day to make things right, another day for world peace. Thank YOU, GOD. May Your will be done today. Please let me have a wonderful one?

Praise God and all glory to Him.

Moving along, the last day was also the day I was giddy about where to eat. Yep, booked two restaurants in Taiwan that are part of The World’s 50 Best Restaurant.

Robuchon started in Paris then expanded to several countries like Taiwan. You may check their profile on the link. What I loved most about this place is that they live up to the expectation of what you pay for. A happy birthday lunch to me! ❤

Beautiful interior.
The Menu.

So for starters, they gave us Amuse-Bouche, in English term mouth amuser. Also called served gratis. (Chef’s little thank you.)

It’s a winter melon amuse-bouche.


La Volaille – Chicken breast served in French Rivera style.
La Crevette – Shrimp Raviolis soup

Main Course: THESE ARE EXTREMELY MOUTH-WATERING DISHES I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!! And these came with unlimited mashed potato (a really fine one!!!)

Le Canard – Duck breast
L’Agneau – Lamb shoulder confit

Dessert and Coffee.

Le Cafe
Cappuccino served with macaroons
Red is the color of the day. LOL. It brightens up the mood, right?.
  • Bellavita Mall and the surrounding malls at Xin Yi District. As we’re done with lunch we strolled along the streets of Xin Yi. Everything is on sale. ON SALE. So we kinda took a little time shopping. Tee-hee

Hello Brown!!!
  • Taipei 101 Observatory – Since I’ve been to Burj Khalifa, I didn’t expect much on this except I love how the outside structure. Our tickets were booked from KLOOK. Oh wait, there’s another story about this online service, tell you later. The weather wasn’t cooperating very well. Clearly, it rained.

I’m not sure if Florence will see this. HAHAHA. Hello mare. Just wanting to let the viewers see the beautiful… Exterior on your right. Oops left? Kiddin’. #AlamNaThis
A Taiwan photo op | Dress by Topshop


  • Our second last stop before heading to the airport was MUME at Da’an District. We were opting for RAW (who is also part of the 50’s World’s Best) but they’re fully booked. Mume’s at 43. A gastronomic restaurant.

The place was quite different, not sure how to describe its interior design. Medyo, kakaiba lang. Haha. Very old school vibes with a touch of eccentric? May ganon.

Taken by Florence. She always have an eye for things I couldn’t see. But I told her, maganda din ang subject kasi. CHOS.
Slash and Caribbean Pirate
Soft Poached Oyster – to die for.
Crispy Amadai – This one I commend as well.
Wagyu Beef Cheek – another good one.
BBQ Pork Ribs – don’t forget to order this too!

Mume didn’t forget what I included on my reservation that it’s my birthday. And I was really surprised. But even more surprised that I had to pay for what I thought a complimentary birthday cake. HAHAHA. Paid NT330 for this though.

  • And lastly, the Ximending Market – We never thought we’d make it here despite the fact that it’s only right across our hotel. We had two hours to stroll, SHOP and of course pig-out again. LOL. Kiddin’. But I did anyway. 😛😛😛
Bestie ready to hoard.
The famous Ah-Chung Rice Flour Noodles. I AM A BIGGEST FAN OF MISUA. I CAN LIVE BY MISUA ALONE.

My Taiwan-venture was pretty jam-packed… I felt like for a moment I wanted the clock to stop and take a moment to breathe. But overall, it was another one for the books!

Thank you, Taiwan!!! ❤️ I’ll be sure to be back soon.

Before I end my post here, I just wanted to share my pre and post birthday celebrations with my family and friends.

Hashtag Blessed.
Mi Familia, missing my sister. | With my Barkada and HS Friends | With College Friends | Spiritual Family

I am overwhelmed by their love and support. There was also a funny comment by a new acquaintance

“Bakit ang dami mong birthdays? Marami nagmamahal sayo?”

In my mind,

Hindi feeling celebrity lang talaga ako. HAHAHA. Kidding. But really, I am overjoyed because of God’s grace.

I just smirked and said “Hindi naman.” I love celebrating my birthdays with people who matter to me because you only get this one chance in life to gather people around and thank them for being with you all throughout the good and bad times.


  1. The Klook story: Purchased Handy WiFi (Airport pick-up) and it says “24hours of service”, arrived at Tao Yuan Airport, looked for the kiosk. No one is there. We weren’t able to get it. Asked for a refund, sadly, they insisted someone was there. Blimey. Never again with KLOOK.
  2. Cebu Pacific: Cheaper flights. But really terrible international service, experienced a rude ground stewardess. Because of our pasalubongs — uh huh, hoarded MILK CAKES from CHIA TE. Had to pay NT1000 because it’s overloaded. 20 kilos each ain’t enough.. Yep. So I suggest when you’re booking for trips abroad, add few more kilos or find an airline with a 30kilos and better service like Cathay Pacific.

Mid-September diary entry

“Why, my soul, are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for yet I will praise Him, my Savior and my God” Psalms 43:5

Wake me up when September ends..

And there goes my next episode of my life, Bellissimo Boracay!


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