Hashtag so TAIPEI together – Part One.

Howdy everyone! I know it sounded so corny but I thought of hashtag So Taipei Together as my official hashtag trip. Why Taiwan this time? I thought of re-visiting the country again… After 2 decades?

The Dynamic Youth Group, as we call ourselves. We were sent by our parents to study and mingle. Please don’t find me, though.

Supposedly, I was going for another Birthday solo trip.. Booked my ticket last December of 2016. (Y’know those crazy sale of Cebu Pacific? Abangers!!!). Yet my best friend tagged along with me.

Sharing you the itinerary I made.

I love doing itinerary because I get to research a lot about their culture, places and best restaurants in town. PS: As I was editing my photos, I just saw what I wrote — Niagra Falls heh? Was thinking about Canada perhaps? LOL.

Here’s a short video mainly from my IG stories. 😜 Stayed at Hotel Just Sleep, I commend it because of location-wise in the heart of Xi Men Ding. And the hotel is really clean and millennial-ish. PS: They also serve breakfast!

An upgrade at Hotel Just Sleep because it’s my birthday!!!

First Day.

We decided to go to Taichung on our first day because of Sun Moon Lake. We saw online how gorgeous the place is. And besides what are we gonna do at Taipei for 3 days? LOL. Plus, my best friend wanted to ride the Bullet Train — Taiwan High Speed Rail, I was hoping to see Gong Yoo visiting too, tee-hee. It only took us 40 minutes ride from Taipei.
A friend of mine recommended a tour guide who suggested her friend from “Taichung” instead. Her name is Maggie. A Non-English speaking tour guide. Yep, I know what you’re thinking. Hashtag nosebleed. Thank GOD for our parents who pushed us to study Mandarin well enough to converse.

PS: Message me if you need a Taiwan tour-guide.

With Maggie, who looks very much like my favorite Chinese teacher back in Elementary.
Sun Moon Lake. So beautiful!
About to explore the gorgeous place. So grateful to have a best friend who, btw, is also an adventurer!
On board!
My beautiful, best friend Florence.
What I love about Taiwan is the street food in every city you go to!!!
Stairways to Xuang Guang Temple. We were not prepared to take this long one. Also, please don’t forget to try the Ah Ma Tea Leaf Eggs – a very famous egg. Maggie bought us each and I forgot to take a photo.
Xuang Guang Temple. This was the back view. I pondered why did I not take a photo of the famous landmark?
After a long walk from the Xuang Guang Temple. We moved to another street food market. And hello to Mr. Ice Cream Man. Hihi
再见, 日月潭! Until then! Captured by Maggie. She’s really a good photographer as well.

There are so many things you can do at Sun Moon Lake, too bad we only had a day to explore the place. Off to another scenic venture at Lavender Cottage. Apparently, the place is on the other side of the city. Took us almost two hours with the narrow road ahead of us. I was amazed by Maggie’s driving skills.

A quick shower anyone?

The place is so quiet and breathtaking, if it was the lavender season it would have been more beautiful. And we hoarded some few goodies. 💕
And they smelled so heavenly!!! I love lavender! Dress by: Zara Bag: Anello (SUPER FAV when traveling!) ; Sneakers by Adidas Superstar

And we walked up to a hill just in time for the sunset and made a request on the wishing bell. It doesn’t hurt to write one, does it?

I wrote the biggest mistake request anyone has ever written. LOL

Our ticket back to Taipei was around 7PM, so we were in a hurry. But I asked for a quick trip to Miyahara. You see, I thought it was a museum (I didn’t even researched it), but hey, the place’s indeed worth visiting for tourist. There was a restaurant above on which you have to dine before you can go up.

The interior. It said to be a souvenir place and dessert place.
We ordered Cheesecake and Chocolate Sundae! And it’s really delicious!!!
Oh and look, I got a free dessert because it’s my birthday week. Thanks to this guy!
Thank you, Taichung! 😊 we had a wonderful time!

After a really long day and starving, we en route to the famous street food SHI LIN Market!

Hello from Shi Lin!
Some of the choices we had! I super love the Chicken Chops and the BEEF!!!!! So many stalls to choose from.

Two things to do in Shi Lin Market, to binge on small plates and shop.

Day 2:

One of my childhood friends lives in Taipei so when she found out she took a day off to go on a road with us along with her hubby and shobe (little sister) to Yeh Liu Geopark, Shi Fen and Jiu Fen. Forever grateful to these couple for being so patient in driving us around. I can’t believe Abbey drove. LOL. I miss her! (From my previous blog, I spoke of running away from home, Abbey was the one who took me in.)

Abbey and I.

First stop : Mornings at Yeh Liu Geopark. The scenery is truly heart-stopping. YOU have to drop by if you’re planning to visit Taiwan. For more info on this place, click on the link. (Hey, I heard it’s free visa already!!! Go book na!)

Yeh Liu Geopark

The infamous “Queen’s Head” where people line up to have their picture taken. | The gang!
The best thing about traveling with my best friend is her photography skill! | Top: Stradivarius Pants: Zara

After lunch, I would like to thank Abbey and Siegfred for your kind treat, we went to Jiu Fen, 九份. I didn’t realized how far the places are from each other.

Welcome to 九份! | And no we didn’t entered the Gold Museum because we thought it’s a free pass.
When in 九份, you have to try the well-known Peanut Ice Cream-Roll, it’s so yummy!!! | And this Grape Seed Juice stall offered us his famous drink, we bought a jar to take home.

Our last stop was the one thing I’ve been looking forward to… ✅ Lighting a Lantern in 十分老街 (Shi Fen). Bucket list attained!

Ancient tradition: The color of the lantern corresponds on a particular wish, as they say, you write down what you wish for, light it up and let it take off so the heavens will get a glimpse of what you’re asking for.
Up up it goes! | At 平溪 (Ping Xi) road. My best friend still couldn’t believe the old train is still working

After another long day, we met Florence’s aunt Annie and her cousin Che An. Abbey and company tagged along as well. And it turned out to be one unforgettable night. Che An decided on the place — really good food and amazing cocktails! I believe a reservation is a-must – – at Fourplay Cuisine!

Rated 4.5 on Trip Advisor. And they’re seriously full-house on a weekday.
Forgot to take photos of the food but it’s really delicious!!! | So the second photo, this was a surprise from Che An. Haha!!! PS: They’re mostly sweet candies if you know what I mean! | With the whole squad. Auntie Annie is really one cool aunt.

So before the clock strikes at 12. They surprised me with a cake. So grateful for auntie Annie, Che An and of course to my Best Friend Florence for this. ❤ Another one for the books.

The cake is so pleasing!!! ❤
Thank you so much for the wonderful treat, auntie Annie and Che An! Sorry for the short time we had, promise to make it all up to you guys!

My dear viewers, since my Day 1 and Day 2 seems a bit long, I’ll have to take a break for now.. When I come back, my Day 3 is a very special one!



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