My BALIntines 2017

Β It’s only the start of the year and not only it gets better but the hands of my GOD are at work. Ola amigos slash amigas!

I’m back with my #KREventures. This time, I flew off to Bali, Indonesia where Elizabeth Gilbert found the love of her life — oh no, wait. I didn’t find mine, but somehow I left my heart in Bali… Specifically at Ku De Ta.

“The heavens declare the glory of GOD, and the sky above proclaims His handiwork.” Psalms 19:1

Meeting de Avanze. Leaving at 1AM, zzzz.

My girlfriends and I had our “meeting de avanze” to do the itinerary for the said travel. We decided to book our Bali trip on February because my free ticket from Cebu Pacific is only until February 25, 2017 (you might wanna check how I got one from my previous entry, My Singaporean Birthday La), so Florence and I agreed to a valentines celebration at Bali, Indonesia. Yes, you got it right! In commemoration of single awareness day and basically making ourselves feel better during this season when you can see couples dating here and there…

Arrival at Denpasar….

Bali — the island of gods.
Another great thing about the trip — I was able to travel again with my little munchkin, none other than my sister, Caroline. Who, btw, tagged along three of her friends. Can you spot the age difference? Nah. Millennial meeting millennial. πŸ˜€ Flight at 4AM. No sleep at all.

(L-R: Hawk, El Rey, Caroline, Florence, Me and Joana.) Just arrived at Ngurah Rai International Airport at Denpasar.

This is where we rented our wi-fi and van, KLOOK. Great service!!!

FYI: I’m one of those people who take a lot of videos on IG stories but nevertheless forget to SAVE THEM. I did a room tour yet sadly, I let it slip away within 24 hours. Yep, a pat on my shoulder. 😭😭😭

We had two connecting rooms and was double upgraded to Junior Suite Room (with veranda and pool view) at Montigo Resorts – Seminyak (Seminyak is the heart of BALI). Stunning accommodation and morning breakfast was delightful as well.

Our driver from the airport! He was very kind and even warned us on money scam.

Thumbs up to hotel service who managed to give us our room right away.

Sleepless but still fresh. And that’s my OOTD. Yep! I planned everything.

Unfortunately, BALI has no other transportation, ie TUKTUK. Yep, you either rent a car or call a cab (And the only trusted TAXI is Blue Bird!!!). We asked around where the best nearby place to have lunch and they suggested several restaurants including Sisterfields at Seminyak Square. The hotel receptionist informed us that it would only take us approximately 10-minute walk. So, we decided to stroll, and guess what we arrived 20 minutes later. Good thing we got lost because we were able to come across Petitenget Beach. Great scenery but the beach itself was kind of disappointing, honestly.

I read somewhere that these two walls are protector from evil.
The Petitenget Beach. Sky is too gorg. Sands are blah.

Here we are, grateful they were able to accommodate us because they’re jam-packed since Sisterfields Cafe is quite famous especially on tourists.

Hungry people say BALI.

After lunch, we head back to our hotel to rest and and get ready for our very special BALIntines reservation dinner at Restaurant Locavore. I was actually the one who insisted on trying the restaurant (as well as my sister) because it’s part of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants. (Of course, we did our research! LOL) What I didn’t realized though is that… It’s in UBUD and it took us almost two hours to get there.

Here’s the menu, two choices — either you go meat or veggie.

The 5-7 course menu. Along with beverages if you want.
Because it’s BALIntines day!!!
Just so you know, I thought it will only cost us about 50USD/each but hey, I’m only human, I do make mistakes. Yep, thank GOD, my friends were still cool about it when we found out it cost a bit of a fortune. Father GOD, I know You will provide. πŸ™‚
Here’s us, always HUNGRY. The dinner was 4-hours in the making.
These are the in-between courses. And mind you, THEY ARE REALLY GOOD.

Florence, Shobe and I opted for the 5 course meal with alcoholic beverages along with Joana sans the alcohol. While the boys went for the 7 course meal.The food were really distinctive and enticing.

The main entree!!! VERY GOOD. Except the Coconut dessert. Didn’t really liked it.

The epitome of our dinner is this one…. YEP, DEFINITELY WORTH TRYING.

The Lamb.

This was the last outtake of the course dinner. SO SO DELICIOUSl! 😍😍😍

Hey ladies…. We also asked the restaurant to sang for El Rey since it’s his birthday week. Too bad I FORGOT to save the video again…

And no, this is Hawk not El Rey.

Thank you, Restaurant Locavore. We are extremely pleased.

Happy BALIntines, everyone!!!

We hired a driver slash guide from Bali Agung Tours for two days, recommended by a friend. Our first stop was at Ubud.

Bes, kaya pa? πŸ˜€
I seriously don’t know why we were here? Haha. This was just a local jewelry store.

Dismay, our driver didn’t take us to Batubulan Village because we’re quite late. πŸ˜‘ Moving on, the next stop was at Tegenungan falls. Again, I lost my IG videos of our much awaited trekking.

Tegenungan Falls ❀
OOTD: Top by Style Staple. Elephant Pants by Uniqlo.
Really gorgeous. If you’re a nature lover, you’d appreciate this.
With Joana and Florence with their hats. LOL. And yes, I carried along my big brelly.

Right after trekking, we were tired, in scorching heat and hungry for the nth time. We asked Mades (our tour guide) to take us to Babi Guling (Heard that it’s one of the most famous local restos), yet he said there’s no aircon. So he took us here instead.

The gang with our tour guide.

After lunch we went to Pura Tirta Empul, where the famous holy bathe is.

Hindu Balinese TempleRitual Purifying Bath

Indeed a tourist spot.

We were asked to cover ourselves with these sarong and for the ladies you need to tie your hair before entering the sacred place.

After the trip, Mades told us we can only choose between Ubud Market and Coffee plantation due to their distance. And he also mentioned we can go to Agung Market instead the next day. (Too bad, didn’t even experience shopping at Ubud Market 😐😐😐).

At Satria Coffee Plantation. Kopi Luwak — most expensive coffee in the world

Say hello to this civet cat whose poops are as precious as diamonds.
Free taste of coffee and tea.
Cheers mga bes!
A cuo of Luwak coffee for 50000RPH
Momo (the civet cat)
They seem to have a real connection.
Yep, I was forced to be still for Momo, My annoying scared face. And hello to our gorgeous photobomber

We bought some pasalubong for friends and family at Satria. I hoarded some yummy coffee except the luwak because it’s really pricey. For the last stop of the day,.sunset at Purah Tanah Lot.

Bessy, ano na?
“In the beginning GOD created the heavens and the earth.” Genesis 1
Sunset at Tanah Lot Temple
Admiration team. Tee-hee
The waves of Indian Ocean.


The youngster seem to have their own agenda.

We dined at Mama San for our dinner. Delicious food and cozy ambiance.

Shobe, El Rey and I headed to Potato Head Beach Bar afterwards… Good thing it’s only beside our hotel. Great place to unwind!

Third day at Bali… Most memorable day for me. First stop at Nusa Dua.

“Look up into the sky and see the clouds high above you” Job35:5
Florence and I decided to do parasailing again this time in BALI.
And yes, it’s raining a bit hard
Hello from the sky!

After our aqua sport, we went to Ayodya Resort Bali at Nusa Dua where my sister and friends were chilling. Had our lunch as well at the resort. Nusa Dua seems to have a beautiful and better view than Seminyak.

Hello from the Millennial. And glad to have Kristina with us!
The refreshment’s really yum!!!!

Love how cozy the resort is!!! Will never forget this place because Florence and I had to take our showers publicly. If only I could share the photo Joana secretly took. πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

After lunch.. The next on our itinerary was the Uluwatu Temple. I was very thrilled to see the stunning place. Been waiting my entire life for this 😁😁😁

Definitely breathtaking!!!
Uluwatu Temple, a Balinese sea temple. Also one of the six sanctuaries of the world. We were also advised to keep our belongings safe because the monkeys might snatch them away. Glad they didn’t. We were also required to wear sarong before entering.

Off shoulder dress by @QuiverPh – Instargram

You can’t hardly deny the existence of a CREATOR

Trying to do my own rendition of a blogger pose. LOL.
The only photo we had when we were finally complete!!!

Indian Ocean at its finest.

The last on our itinerary was the Jimbaran experience. Our tour guide Mades took us to Ganesha Cafe, Jimbaran Bay to catch up the beautiful sunset and pig-out on yummy seafood dinner!

“When I admire the wonders of a sunset, my soul expands in the worship of the creator” Mahatma Gandhi


So yeah, we had 1kg lobster, crab, prawns and oysters. What is busog? πŸ˜€
Excuse my haggard look. #BARENAKEDFACE

After dinner, we went to Agung souvenir shop to hoard some local goodies for family and friends. And then Mades dropped us to our hotel and said goodbye. Florence, Joana, Hawk and I were still in the mood to chill at Ku De Ta. While the rest wanted to stay and pahinga mode on for their hike to Mount Batur. (I wanted to join but a 1:30 AM call time is not really my thing. LOL)

I had a moment with GOD while watching the ocean thrives. So gorgeous. And He asked me, “Will you still love me, even if..?” I had no idea as to what He was pertaining to until that early morning.

While at Ku De Ta, Florence wasn’t feeling very well already (she had an upset stomach), while I ate 3 slices of 4-cheese pizza, two chicken wings and a mojito (Yes, I’m very matakaw, just so you know). Came the wee hours of the morning was my turn, my stomach started to hurl. I was alone in our room because shobe went hiking. The pain was intense, I could rate it 9/10. I didn’t wanna bother anyone so I just let it be and prayed to GOD. After three hours of pain, I fell asleep. I was awaken my Joana (Thanks to her who took care of me the whole day and big help with her Chinese medicine!). God is still good after all, paragliding and surfing weren’t the best thing to do that day and I wasn’t even tempted to hike, so I was able to rest well the whole day. Yep, I did make sulit of the room though. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

Florence was a lot better the next morning, while I was still recovering. This is us having room service.

I didn’t get the chance to try a Balinese massage, but I rested well enough for the next morning flight. Praise GOD.

So sharing with you the photos of my sister and friends’ adventure that day..

Great job guys!!!
Sunrise at Mount Batur
The famous Ubud Terraces with manong El Rey

I also didn’t let the moment pass me by without taking a blogger pose. Tee-hee. My baggage was too heavy because of the clothes I brought along. Yep, there is no such thing as overdressed. πŸ˜‚

Jumpsuit by Seek the Uniq
This is us saying goodbye to BALI. Thank you for your kind hospitality! I will definitely come back again, perhaps with my future husband and book somewhere in Uluwatu or Ubud far away from the city. #alamna.

Lesson from this trip, well, to be prayerful. We still haven’t figured out where Florence and I got into food poisoning… Yet we still thank our Father GOD that He was able to restore our energy before leaving Bali… The reason why I left my heart at Ku De Ta is because at that moment GOD spoke through the ocean waves… Leading me closer and closer to Him. And it made me realize more and more that the places and things around us are proofs that there are miracles every single day. You just can’t deny the fact that beneath all these things, there is a CREATOR above you.

“I want GOD to play in my bloodstream the way sunlight amuses itself on the water” #EatPrayLove

So until my next adventure, which is in a month…. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ TERIMA KASIH

Katrina ❀❀❀

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