The Sunday Currently vol. 9

And I’m back! “APA KABAR?” There’s nothing better than being greeted by your bed. LOL. I just got back from Bali with sister and friends…


Celebrated BALIntines week 😁 another memorable trip includes being food poisoned. Thank GOD I had it on the last day, supposedly a chillax and surf afternoon (though surfing was cancelled because of the weird weather). I’ll be posting about the trip soon!!!

READINGBeautiful Uncertainty by Mandy Hale. Given to me by one of my good ol’ college friend Joanna. I love it when the book quoted, “I discovered the beautiful truth that when you seek first the kingdom of GOD and His righteousness, all things REALLY are added to you.”
WRITINGBlank space. 😜
SMELLINGMy niece’s aroma. I’ve been away for 5 days and I miss her badly.
WISHINGI can go back to Bali again. Haha. Because there are still places and things that I haven’t even done like surfing (bad weather timing) and I guess go on a hike to see sunrise at Mt. Batur. And explore more waterfalls and temples. Yep. Definitely coming back. 
HOPINGThe thoughts running through my mind right now are just merely flash in the pan. Sometimes, circumstances changes one’s perspective and starts to crawl into you.
WEARINGWinnie the pooh shirt dress.  
LOVINGthe fact that my singleness is a gift from GOD because it’s only now I realized how much I’ve been so in tune to who HE really is. All along, singleness for me is a curse, yet the more I wait on GOD to fulfill His promises in my life the more I fall in love with HIM. Thus, it also gives me security and dependence that in this fleeting world He alone is all I needed. So yeah, thank GOD I’m still single! ❤ 
NEEDINGA time for GOD. 🙁 I haven’t even done an hour of quiet time with Him. And I can feel the dreariness in my life.
FEELINGNonchalant. Have you ever been in a situation where you just completely zoned out? And when someone unintentionally offended you it feels a bit different like you are already immune to it. 
BIBLE VERSE“The heavens declare the glory of GOD, and the sky above proclaims His handiwork” Psalms 19:1 
So anyway, I can’t wait to blog about my adventure in BALI! Until then… GOOD NIGHT! ❤

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