The Sunday Currently vol. 8

  “The resting place of the mind is the heart. The only thing the mind hears all day is clanging bells and noise and argument, and all it wants is quietude. The only place the mind will ever find peace is inside the silence of the heart. That’s where you need to go.” – Elizabeth Gilbert #EatPrayLove

Happiest New Year everyone! My very first entree for 2017, I still struggle to contemplate with what I want to share. I promise to do several post very soon! For now let me sink into this silence only GOD knows why. After a week of prayer and fasting, the world seem to enjoy throwing stones at me. Those tiny issues suddenly become Goliath and I pray to GOD to have a courageous heart like David did. 
READING… I just finished reading “The Mystery of an Empty Stomach” by Joey Bonifacio of Victory Fort. Certainly an encouragement specifically those who think fasting is depriving yourself with food — hey there’s more to that. I quote “She is relaxed and excited, calm and enchanted, full of hope and looking forward to the future. She is fearless” — 2017 PEG. Oh by the way, click on the link to download the book for free!
WRITING… I wrote my last goodbye. Yes, I did. It was sad and disheartening. But I just had to and I choose to forget from this day forward. 
SMELLING… Dove body wash! Just got out of shower.
WISHING… The overwhelming sadness will turn to joy. 😶😶😶 Is it because of Goblin’s (Korean series) last three episodes? LOL. And I wish to meet GONG YOO in person. Hihi. We are so bagay, don’t you think?


HOPING… 2017 is the year of the Lord’s faithfulness in my life… Thus, the only year I wrote down 80 plus faith goals. I mean, can you believe how precise I am? Ha. 
WEARING… My yellow pajama. 
LOVING… My new profile pic. LOL. No wait, seriously, I think I love myself more than I did last year. Perhaps it’s because I learned to embrace every flaws that I have, every pain I endured, and that I love myself for believing more than meets the eye. PS: And no, I’m not a narcissist. HAHAHA.
NEEDING… A new maxi dress, more clothes for my travel and my new endeavor — #styledbyKRE. I also need the faith of Abraham when God asked him to sacrifice his son. Without a doubt, he actually did and then GOD provided for him. Just wow. So yeah, I need that kind of faith. 😀
FEELING… tired and unhappy. TBH, I am happy but I just don’t get it. My emotion seems out of tune. I feel remorseful, scared, afraid of what’s inside of me. Am I depressed? Or is this just one of those days when the spiritual battle is at war. Lord, please help me. 
BIBLE VERSE… “But forget all that–it is nothing compared to what I am going to do.” Isaiah 43:18. 
So until next month… I have yet another adventure to share though! Toodles for now.
Sincerely yours, 
Katrina Escover

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