To the woman I will be 10 years from now.

Dearest you,

Congratulations! A decade has passed, and you’re more than who you thought you were. I’m pretty sure a lot has changed — what I meant by A LOT is gazillion best changes in your entire life.

By the time you’re 42, you’re married to an amazing man after God’s own heart whom you have prayed each day from the time you wrote this. Remember that guy in a white shirt from your dream? Indeed, GOD led him to you. A man who seeks only what’s best and righteous in God’s eyes. He’s not perfect because he never fails to annoy you sleeping with his dirty feet, oh and leaving crumbs and stains on the duvet you have laundered almost weekly due to your obsessive compulsive mantra.

But the thing has you married him for the same reason you asked GOD for a man who will love you for the rest of your life. And with that, he always makes you feel like the most beautiful person in his life despite your ugliest moments. His patience with you exudes beyond measure, and he cares for you just like Jesus does for His sheep. And what makes him different from all the men who tried to pursue you is his love for GOD. A man with integrity and leader of his own. His submission to GOD is the reason why you readily submit to him… And every single day of your life together leads you to the cross of Jesus Christ.

So, you’re now a mother of two. Isaac and Rebekkah. Two children whom you have lifted up to the LORD for His amazing grace of blessing you with these two. They’re too cute, and everybody was amazed at how you were able to make it through normal delivery. What people didn’t know is you’re scared to death, but you felt GOD’s presence with you, and all the fears subside. You almost thought you wouldn’t make it, but you did… You believed that what has been promised (by God) will come to terms and they did. By the time you’re reading this note, they’re about 7 and 8. You thought about home-schooling, but you instead let them enjoy their childhood in a Christian school because you know in your heart the LORD will guide them. Often, you find yourself screaming for a day off, but every time you look at their faces, it’s as if you’ve taken a week-long leave. You never stop thanking GOD for the incredible miracles you always prayed for when nobody believed you.

Apparently, you’ve seen and traveled to places… Those times while you were still single, you always ask yourself if you could make it alone? And you did! You had the best time in Singapore because it was then when you realized that traveling alone can be liberating. And so you went on to the next, Bali, Thailand, and Melbourne! Surprisingly your mother-in-law gave you and your husband a trip to GREECE. Ah yes, Greece where you’ve always dreamed of going. Favors upon favors.

Oh, you’ve had your shares of downfall and crisis, it wasn’t always perfect, and there are times when you wanted to give up and tell yourself to just settle for mediocrity because that’s what everyone else does… Months to you felt like chasing the wind, endless and fleeting… Days when you crawl to bed crying and waking up with puffy eyes. When you wear skirts in daybreak, and you don’t feel like twirling, when you eat chocolate and it’s tasteless… You’re almost on the verge of losing yourself to the world, but you always try to remember who you are, a daughter of a King. Despite all the hardships, HE reminded you HE OVERCOME THE WORLD, and so you keep trusting HIM like a child, focusing on WHO HE IS.

Here you are on your 40s, rocking 40s… Your mom is still as great as she was 10 years ago… She did travel the world with her own feet… Amazingly by the time you read this, she’s been saved. Salvation on its way to the rest of your family, Katrina. Your brothers have their own families… Your sister is getting married to a man who loves the Lord as well. Yes, Katrina, GOD is with you and your family all the time.

And you, by this time, you learned what Paul said… “Not that I was ever in need, for I have learned how to be content with whatever I have. I know how to live on almost nothing or with everything. I have learned the secret of living in every situation, whether it is with a full stomach or empty, with plenty or little. For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength” Philippians 4:11-13… Your passion took you on a more magnificent journey in life, you now speak to women across the world who longs for Jesus Christ. You have your own blog domain to inspire young women to seek GOD above all else. You’ve genuinely encouraged them that the secret to life is not of this world but is only found on the cross. Your husband supports you too, he works on his business, but he also leads young men to follow Jesus… Your love story continues to inspire lots of single men and women out there because the core value of your relationship is in the hands of GOD. It is GOD who weaved your love story for HIS glory.

So cheers to you because you never gave up. Keep moving and have faith. Another new season is about to unfold in your life, you can because GOD is with you always.

Your 32-year-old self.



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