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I AM NOT A FOOD BLOGGER, I just happen to be one of those who love food more than being in a relationship (#hugot) thus, one of the owners, is a very good friend of mine so I told her I’ll blog about it. (Feeling blogger lang! Tee-hee! Thank you to my lovable readers, I sincerely love you guys!) 😍😍😍

YO! Panda is a modern Asian fusion, concept inspired by Hong Kong, that caters cheesy noodles, baos, salted egg rice, HK milk tea and bubble waffles. Behind the brain of the establishment is the Co Family — siblings Prim Chua, Spencer Co, Aaron Co and his beautiful wife (my dearest friend, of course) Kriscia Co. When Kriscia told me they’re putting up a restaurant, I just knew right there and then that they will knit pick every single ingredient and give justice to the flavor. And knowing that they’re avid food enthusiasts it was natural for them to create this amazing concept. The one thing that I’m curious though is why the name Yo! Panda and what’s with Afro hair and sunglasses? So when I asked her, she told me “When we were conceptualizing we wanted Chinese fusion so we thought about Panda but we also didn’t want to think of the traditional kind, we wanted something different with a twist. That’s why we went for YO! A cool hippie style (and the same reason behind Sunglasses and Afro hair image). Haha” She added, “In addition, Panda expresses comfort too.. Just like how we want to provide for our customers, a haven of comfort food with a twist in the city.

When soft opening came… they wowed us. And as I am writing this article I’m insanely craving my faves! Gaaaah. So here it is… A few selections from the menu.

A favorite of mine — shrimp and cheese balls.
It’s very crunchy and cheesy, topped with pork floss!!!
Yo! Panda Poutine (Yaaas. Cheesy fries with pork floss and mushroom gravy)
Crispy Roasted Pork Belly with Chinese Mustard. A must-try!
Another favorite of mine — Crispy Pork Chop with
Cheese Sauce and Noodles… Need I say more?
Burger Bao!!!
A messy eating indeed but worth drooling
 Crispy Fish. Another one of my faves!!!
It’s crispy and with salted egg sauce!
 Burger Steak and Rice… the burger steak stuffed with cheese. YUM!!!
For their drinks they also serve shakes…
But since we just so love MILK TEA… We ordered this
Premium Hong Kong Milk Tea. GAAAH.
It’s so good I don’t need Tai Hing MT anymore. LOL.


And lastly, there IS ALWAYS a room for dessert.
“Buti pa tong dessert siksik sa sweetnes, eh yon love mo? Laging kulang.”
#randomhugot 😂😂😂
 Mangoes and Cheesecake with Italian Gelato Soft Serve and Bubble Waffle.
Super yum niya!!!
 Peanut Dulce de Leche with Italian Gelato Soft Serve and Bubble Waffle.
A crowd’s favorite!
And for matcha lovers like ME!!!
This is my favorite!!!!! NOMNOMNOM!
Matcha with Italian Soft Serve Gelato and Bubble Waffle.
I can have two in a row. LOL. But seriously. Ang yummy!!!!
Tadaaaaa. Here we are supporting Mr. and Mrs. Yo! Panda 😎😎😎
 Congratulations Kriscia and Aaron along with Prim and Spencer!!! 💖💖💖



Me and my girls!
YO! PANDA is located at SM MEGAMALL Building A, 4th Floor.
So there you go… Hope you guys will be able to drop by and taste the authenticity of their food! 💖💖💖

See you at YO! Panda.

Much love to all, God bless you!

Katrina Escover


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