The Sunday Currently vol. 6

💖 It’s AUGUST!!! 💖
My utmost favorite time of the year.
Well, not for my ancestors, it’s the ghost month…
But as for me, it’s time to PARTY!!!

I have so many plates waiting to be done this month and
finally one of my bucket list is about to unfold…
And that my friend, I will unveil one of these days. #KILIG
READING… I have been hoarding books recently because I intend to keep my promise to myself that I will put up my very own mini library, anyhoo, I was able to finish “Girl on the Train” by Paula Hawkins yesterday. It was pretty much a concept of Gone Girl but the ending was quite funny. So go ahead, read it! It’ll be a motion picture very soon!
WRITING… My Itinerary. ✈ Tee-hee.
SMELLING… Reese spread. OMG. I’m literally craving this today.
WISHING… Online sellers could be a little more gracious enough to entertain. I just encountered one named CRISP STUDIO. I asked nicely if how much and if they ship and she somehow replied “We have a pop up shop pala in rockwell we have stock there if you want also” she didn’t bother to answer my queries. I asked for shipping because I live far away from Rockwell and sad to say I was already envisioning myself wearing that thing. 😔 #movingon I do recommend for all fashionistas out there Olivia and Fifth and ZOOshop. They’re the best! #unpaidadvertisement


HOPING… My trip will be a memorable one. Your will be done, Father GOD!
WEARING… This loose blue tank top I got from Mango years ago that I decided to turn it to sleepwear. And of course my favorite gray cotton PJs.
LOVING… the month of AUGUST. Need I say more?

NEEDING… more time please! MORE TIME. Apparently, it is August. My week long celebration is about to start next week and I have so many things to catch up on. I need to think what to wear on this on that, blah blah blah. Just kidding—No, seriously. I need more time now. TIME! And ohh.. Yo! Panda’s Matcha with Gelato soft serve and Bubble Waffle. Now I’m drooling!!!

FEELING… upside down. I long for more time with GOD despite my daily quiet time, it’s not enough. TBH. Without all the distractions! I guess it’s really sad when it’s almost your birthday week and apparently things haven’t been the way you want it to be. Too busy, too aggravated, prolly because I look on temporal rather than the Giver, the Author of my life. 😩
BIBLE VERSE for today… “Don’t be afraid. Just believe” – Mark 5:36

Oh life, whatever happens, God is still good…On the other hand, I will yet to blog about the latest restaurant craze — YO! Panda, they have scrumptious food and DESSERT, the concerts I’ve been to recently — i.e., SELENA GOMEZ… (still thinking about Chainsmokers though, but anyway.) and a TRIP that will reveal my future… Until then!

Have a blessed week ahead, my sweethearts! 💋💋💋

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