What Summer Has Taught Me.

Ola! Kamusta?

Well well well, it’s the start of rainy season again… And I like the rain. I do. Except the aftermath flood they give. So anyway, before summer ends there were pretty much big revelations happened… I believe it’s indeed God’s part of His purpose in my life.

Remembering the Bible verse,


First, my brother’s girlfriend is pregnant. The baby is indeed a great blessing for them and perhaps for my family too. To be honest, it’s kinda hard to be living in the same roof with a stranger. Yet somehow you’ll just have to get by and ask GOD for harmony. 😁

Secondly, my brother and I go through stages of sibling rivalry. I guess it’s normal for those who have one. Yet late last year it was the most outrageous confrontations but with God’s mighty grace and mercy I was able to compose myself still. In HIM I found comfort. This summer just before he revealed his girlfriend is pregnant, he started reaching out and somehow we get along just fine now. Prayer never ceases. That’s a fact. I remember laying it all down to GOD, surrendering my pain and traces of bitterness. I thank GOD for step by step healing. And I still continually pray about it. I love my brother no matter what, he will always be my family. πŸ˜€

Thirdly, an increase on my salary! Woot. I don’t believe in saving money until now because I always thought I would die and will leave it all behind. Yet, I started to think about my dreams — reaching out to missionaries like my mentor (yes, I do believe I have been called to help soon.) and oh traveling, getting lost in a city I’ve never been to, how will I get there? I can’t just wait for my mother to always spoon-fed me right? And mind you, I was able to book a ticket to a place I’ve never been to and yes I am traveling alone soon✈✈✈… A bucket list! God is indeed a giver of wisdom and provision! πŸ™

Fourthly, I’m grateful for my season. Finally, drum roll please? Tee-hee. Have you ever been so content with your season and you just pray to GOD and tell HIM thank YOU for not letting me rush into marriage. Don’t get me wrong, I still pray for my future husband — every single day of my life. Summer gave me opportunities to meet men of different backgrounds who were most likely meantime companions but GOD reminded me why compromise your non-negotiable when your God’s best is around the corner? This season teaches me that I should only fixed my eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of my faith. I have never been so in love with anyone as much as I am in love with my SAVIOR Christ Jesus. I can’t wait to be the next Rebecca or Ruth. β˜ΊπŸ’‘β€

Connoting the Bible verse, HIS THOUGHTS, imagine if you knew God’s thoughts, will you and I be able to succumb it? I don’t think so. His knowledge and wisdom is far greater than any human’s.Β  Every time we make wrong decisions… Who do we turn to? We always go back to HIM and ask forgiveness and tell HIM, yes LORD, Your way please because if it’s my way again I am up for distraction. We should always strive to fit into His plans. So you see, dear friends… Life is beautiful… you can chill when you’re grounded in His word. Embrace your season, fall in love with Jesus Christ, and you’ll see greater things ahead.πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

Oh just to share, I love how Jodi Sta Maria replied when tito Boy asked her about lesson in love… πŸ’–

— message on 1:35–
“Loving yourself isn’t selfish at all. It’s all about knowing your value and worth as a woman and we should never apologize for having standards in love. Because the right man or the man who really wants to be in your life will rise up to meet those standards. – Jodi Sta Maria”

PS: Perhaps you’re hopeless, feeling inadequate, hey, I’ve been there. Don’t ever think it’s the end because there is Someone who awaits for you in the name of Jesus Christ. And if you ever needed someone, count me in, I’m all in for GOD’s kingdom. I will be praying for you. πŸ’•

Katrina Escover


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