Don’t you dare ask me that!

While taking a shower this morning, it just came to mind to write about things you should never ask/tell someone like me — 31 years old and very much SINGLE. πŸ˜ƒ

5 things you should refrain from asking nor telling a single woman waiting for her behalf:

1. Why aren’t you married? (Bakit hindi ka pa kasal?) – the famous annoying question! Isn’t the answer a little bit obvious? Okay, so let me elaborate a little further — it’s because there’s no one to marry! HA! This is a fact. AND at this point don’t you think we haven’t questioned ourselves too? Remember, a wrong man will never turn out to be right! πŸ˜…

2. Don’t you want to get married? (Ayaw mo ba ikasal?) – precisely related to #1, but this is one hell of a statement. C’mon, tell me SINO BA AYAW? My answer will probably the same as #1 but with a smirk this time.

3. Would you like me to set you up on a date? (Kai Xao kita okay lang?) – Kai Xao (Chinese term for referral! More like blind date, forgive me if the pinyin is wrong). I never believed in kai xao but I’ve heard stories that ended well. Anyhoo, if you’re asking a woman about this and you probably know her taste on men then do so.. Go ahead and be the bridge. Don’t ask her anymore, surprise her! BUT if you’re just purely acquainted well then, this would’ve been more appropriate to ask.

4. Faster and find someone! You’ll be out of the calendar! You’re too old to give birth! (Bilisan mo na. Ang tanda mo na hindi ka padin kasal! Hindi ka na magkaka anak!) – Is there a speed limit on this one? How dare you? Kidding again! Whenever someone tells me that I’m too old enough to marry I just roll my eyes and shut my mouth… Why? Because I actually don’t have answer to their “allegations”. Is being 30, single, living her life a crime? 😝

5. Lastly, my favorite phrases “Is there no one courting you? (Wala bang nanliligaw?)”; “Go on a date! (Mag date ka kasi)”; “You’re too picky, prissy! (CHOOSY KA KASI)” – ugh. Can I just end this post right here? LOL. I just can’t stand these opinions.. Mostly they’re just from people who are being nosy — kidding, NOT. No, I mean for my closest friends they mean well but for those acquaintances and distant relatives… Here’s an explanation to your interest, of course we go on “first date”, but if he and I just don’t clicked then it’s the end. PERIOD. As 30 something woman, I speak on behalf of single women, we want quality in our lives. Not just some random lad to sign papers with. Wasting time is not an option, we mean business when we say we want to get married — because that’s for a lifetime.

And oh wait, there’s this statement in my life that I wish people will just get over it. For some, you may not understand me, so might as well forget #6.. YET I would appreciate it if you still have time left, go ahead read on… πŸ˜†

6. …Because you prefer Christian men. (Gusto mo pa kasi Christian) – this has been the topnotch in my case. I remember one time an old married woman told me — “walang pera pag Christian” (there’s no money if he’s a Christian). I asked her why? She said it’s because a man dedicated in God’s work doesn’t earn enough. I can hear her heart as much as I don’t want to judge her. Christianity for me is not a religion, it’s the foundation of a person. A man who knows his worth on the cross knows how to lead his family. I do want someone who has an intimate relationship with GOD. Yes, that’s all I want… Because the rest will fall into the right places. 😍😍😍

Let me tell you one little secret — I’m still waiting, hoping and praying. YES! I do believe that GOD writes our love story. “A DELAY IS NOT A DENIAL FROM GOD – Rick Warren.” And I can’t wait for that day to come and for me to share the whole world — it’ll be beautiful as a sunset in Boracay.

So do you understand us better? Or not? TELL ME! I would love to hear from you! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

Yours truly awake at this wee hour,


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