Rebirth of UAE

Good day, Everyone! يومجيدللجميع

I had the chance to travel to UAE with my mommy to visit my little sister Caroline who works in one of the prestige company in Abu Dhabi (FYI: she’s also a cross-fitter and definitely living her life in freedom 😝… She’s very independent since her La Salle days! I truly admire her for that because I am the opposite of who she is.)

Reunited 💗
First Day:1
At the top by Burj Khalifa. It’s also best to booked in advanced! Here’s the link and more infos: Burj Khalifa2

Stunning view. KUDOS to all the laborers of this amazing building3

Sunnies by Sunnies Studio Top by Market Market! Skirt by Stradivarius Sandals by Primadonna
We also went to Dubai Aquarium and went to buy a luxurious Bugatti. KIDDIN. I guess it’s pretty normal for the locals to just park their luxury cars everywhere. And after our lunch tour we had an early dinner at CHEESECAKE FACTORY. Definitely a treat!!!
2nd day!
We were supposed to visit Miracle Garden BUT it was still closed to the public. It’s been said that they will be open right after we left Dubai. 😦 so we took a detour, hailed uber en route to Dubai Creek.
I want to be like a sunflower, so that even on the darkest days I will stand tall and find the sunglight.

IMG_5572 This was the gorgeous serene Dubai Creek Harbour.IMG_5575 Top by: Bazaar | Trousers by Sinèquanone | Flats by H&MIMG_5567

Went to grab another late lunch at AL Halabi, Mall of Emirates. Right after our lunch, our tour guide came to fetch us for our Desert Safari Dubai experience. YEP IT WAS INDEED ONE GREAT EXPERIENCE.


Love these two!IMG_5792
Since my iPhone’s camera was broken (It fell right off the toilet bowl before I left for Dubai! Great job, COC. Great JOB! Lol). I didn’t had the chance to take a photo at the night of Safari whereas the belly dancing queens rocked the stage. Indeed, it was a great experience! Never miss it out when in Dubai!
3rd Day
We had a quick tour at the famous 7-star hotel, Burj Al Arab. My sister booked three guests for breakfast. Gah. Service was really good by a beautiful Filipina. And of course, I chose the Eggs Benedict.9
I wanna go back there again someday just to try their dinner.
Dress by H&M
Right after our breakfast, went back to our hotel and off we go to our next destination, Abu Dhabi.
Hello momma! We stayed at Dusit Thani AD
Abu Dhabi, I love the place more than Dubai… Probably because Dubai is too crowded! The first stop we went to since it was already night time already was the Galleria Mall for dinner slash shopping and then THE PALACE. I wonder if it’s SOLOMON’S Sanctuary?
The Palace built in gold.
And yes, it’s a gold vendor machine. We also ordered cappuccino that costs us almost 50dhs – 600 pesos EACH.
IMG_5681 Just because scattered with 24K gold. Charge it to experience says my mother. LOL. The next morning we visited the Sheik Grand Mosque. Too gorgeous beyond words.
They were really strict that it was in their law to wear Abaya for the ladies.
Right after the tour, we went to the most exciting part of this trip. THE YAS MARINA experience. Had lunch at YAS MALL – SHAKE SHACK. FINALLY. I was able to get a taste of it as well as the GODIVA ice cream.
I only got the chance to see the Ferrari World, hoping next time I would be able to try it. (My brothers did!)
But that’s okay because the best part of it all… I got the chance to experience the F1 Test Drive Day!!!! Wuhoo. Too bad, wasn’t able to see Jenson Button (We were a day behind, the concierge told us the others left already) BUT I was so grateful to hear the sound of their engine. GAH. Adrenaline rush. Yes, I was able to see Petronas, McLaren and the likes performing.


I truly thank GOD for this experience!

Since it was our last night at Abu Dhabi, my sister took us to Jumeirah Hotel at Etihad Towers for buffet dinner treat!
And on to the next day went back to Dubai for our last night. We didn’t have the time to go to Atlantis, I figured after few years time I hope to visit it.
The Cavalli Caffe opening at Jumeirah Beach


A postcard from us to yours
I praise God for this wonderful trip!!! Without His provision and favor I don’t think I will ever get to experience this! 😍😍😍
Until next time! #toGODbetheglory



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