The Sunday Currently vol. 01

Good Mornight! Probably the most tiring and emotional week. Yep, for one thing, we moved out from our old home. On to the next chapter, though I have to say there’s something about September. But anyway getting out of your 30 years of comfort zone — is seriously no joke. Breathe in, breathe out.

So on (SUNDAY) Tuesday midnight, I am currently…

reading a message from Facebook messenger (The BoracayBeachBodies Group)… talking about ALDUB. Yep, joining the bandwagon. We are definitely hooked! And yes, with a constant update from each other on the latest chismis.

writing my first ever “The Sunday Currently”… How I miss sharing a portion of my life to everyone, and letting the world know how Jesus Christ works mightily!

listening to the sounds of the air-condition and the ticking of the clock plus the cars passing by. Not in the mood to play some music though…

thinking about this annoying zit on the lower side of my nose. UGH. Oh and how do you really move forward in life? How do you truly trust GOD in the midst of uncertainties?

smelling …uhm, so no one knows this and this will be my first time to share it — ONLINE pa talaga, TIGER BALM, whenever I see a zit about to be born I honestly put a stop on it by using this Chinese balm. Kind of works for me. Now that’s a BEAUTY SECRET.

wishing I could just go back in time to be as responsible as I should be. (ang deep, heh?)

hoping for GOD to help me ease the brokenness I feel…

wearing my favorite white button down (boyfriend size) and short shorts… About to sleep in a bit.

loving the fact that the wifi is on again after days of being paralyzed due to transfer. What else could I actually love this moment?

wanting to buy a lot of bedroom decorations… And oh, a headboard (waiting for my beastfriend Carl to make me one, yep he’s an Architect!)… Kind of missing my old bed frame!

needing MOTIVATION, ’nuff said.

feeling uncertain. Still trying to sink in the fact that I’m no longer a Manila girl. Ha ha ha.

clicking — s’riously? LOL. Online shoe shopping.

There you go! Gaaah, somehow this is a therapy for me.

Toodles for now. xoxo


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