Discovering Hong Kong and Macau

Hello! I’m back. As promised, I will talk about how I fell in love with Hong Kong. And I am thinking that my next few posts will be more on traveling and foodies! What do you think, my viewers?

The first time I stepped on the floor of HK Airport was 24 years ago and I was with my grandma. The rest of my HK trips when I was little were almost as blurred to reminisce except the fact that I do remember those Warner Bros store and the Hello Kitty shopping I did. As I uncluttered the baul of my childhood I was able to find these pictures.

 At Ocean Park with my A-ma. =)
 And now, I would love to share with you my recent trips in Hong Kong with family and good friends.
The theme of this trip was to go shopping, of course, wouldn’t miss the JULY sale
plus some sight seeing at Disneyland and Macau.
*My mother wasn’t really aware that I booked us almost a week*
Our flight was at night (sadly, wasted a day)
We had this dinner around 11pm after we checked-in our hotel.
Roasted Geese! HK100!
Meet my sister and Hawk
 This resto was just around the corner of Causeway Bay.
Trying out “ala-carenderia restaurant”
since most of the restos were closed already.
 Good morning!
 Riding the tram!
 Say hello to Carl my beast friend.
Yep, I hoarded H&M. I am an enthusiast! =))
 Met with Barkada at SOGO, since we all live in Causeway Bay.
Family picture!!!
 Pork chop rice by Delicious Kitchen
 At Times Square Shopping Mall.
On the third day… After Macau and Central shopping…
Shobe, Hawk and I bonded while the oldies (hihi)
took their time off.
 To-die-for MILK TEA by Tai Hing
 With their service attendee. Who is very much accommodating.
So on our 4th day, we opted to do our last day shopping,
and since I wasn’t much of camwhore then, I wasn’t able to take a pic of our dessert.
 YEP. People were lined up to have their desserts here. So yes, GO and try it!
On our 5th day,
we had to go home. Tired but very happy of course!
If only our airport is as beautiful as this,
 then maybe we can dress up excitingly.
 Waiting. Mom is too happy for them to go home. HAHA.
 The Tres Marias
Too bad I wasn’t able to ride the Disney train because my mother opted to ride a cab instead.
 Hello there, Minnie!


 Thrilled to see Minnie Mouse and grateful to my mom
for buying me the Minnie stuff toy!!!
 with Mickey
 with goofy.
 Too bad the rides weren’t that much fun.
I didn’t realized that we should have allotted time for Ocean Park!
 with the Pirates =P
watching Lion King

 Heartfelt moment watching the fireworks.
Remembering my childhood as the background music goes like…
“Tale as old as time….”
Good night, Disneyland!

It was just a day tour. Since my mom is not a fan of public transportation when abroad
We hired a private tour guide despite the charge and well, it was all worth it.
 I think this was the A-ma Culture Village
 Fisherman’s Wharf
Yep, you can just fall in love with the sky of Macau.
 MGM Hotel
 I seriously felt like Coco Chanel here. =))
 Wynn Hotel – Tree of Prosperity show
Of course, I didn’t missed this opportunity… THE WINE MUSEUM.
We paid certain amount to taste 3 different kinds of wine.
 Lunch =) who doesn’t love Xiao Long Bao?
 Milk Tea lovers!
Love this store! Hoarded some goodies!
 Anyway, here is Ruins of St. Paul
 Because the heat is killing me, I didn’t go down from the car.
So, here is where the Boys Over Flower had their scene… Hmmm =)
 The Macau Tower.
The next time I travel to Macau, I would spend fortune to try their Bungee Jumping!
Say hello to our very patient and kind tour guide! What was her name again?
(She was also the driver!)
 The Venetian Hotel, it never gets old.
The next time I see this, I do hope it’ll be in Italy.
 The Gondola. Too bad wasn’t able to ride because of the time.
 Uhmmm.. =)) hihi.
I wish I knew what this art called.
 My sister never stops in taking candid shots!
So there.. =)


With barkada only.
Shopping and Eating.
That was the theme of the travel.
(Would like to give credit to my dearest friend Joana who made our iterinary!!!)
 I was too early. Glad to have bought a book!
 One of my bestfriends, Krish.
Yep, we kind of think-a-like on clothes!
Right after we landed in our hotel in Causeway Bay…
We took off to our first destination.
 It was an annoying afternoon because it rained, and left my brelly in my baggage.
And what pissed us off was that we had to find this restaurant in
TSIM SHA TSUI for an hour.
OH WELL, it was indeed worth the long search.
 Peking Duck!
 Sauted Prawns with vegetables
 Strawberry Pudding (I think that was the name)
 Chilled Taho with Mango
 And yes, just the two of us!!!
 It was located downstairs somewhere down the road.
UGH. =))
 Worth our tummy!
While the others were at Macau, on which they were also a day early,
we strolled along the branded lines in TSIM SHA TSUI’s Ocean Terminal.
And yes, I fell in love with Baby DIOR but cried my heart out
when I figured out the prices of those tiny garments.
Amazingly, there were those who would splurged on it. WOW.
 And finally, we’re all complete!!!!
(L-R Dennis, Sheila, Florence, Kriscia, Joana, I and Robert)
First stop. TAI HING!
Everyday is Tai Hing Milk Tea day for us.
After that we went home. FELL ASLEEP?
No… Our friend Krish was too energized for a music video of our happy feet
 The next day.
2nd day of shopping at Central!
 MTR moments. Going to Central.
 Our lunch was a bit pricey. But yes, it was all worth it again
 At Yung Kee!
 Sauted Shrimp with Veggies
 Again, suckling pig!!! THEY HAVE THE BEST ONE!
 And a whole peking duck!
 Before we indulged!
Then we went shopping again,
and our next stop was dinner at
Japanese Buffet
Again, I LOVED IT.
 And by ordering, you have to be the one to place your desired nomnom.
They’d be giving you a booklet of their foods.
Their salmon sashimi was the best one I’ve ever tasted in my entire life.
 This was part 1.
 But since we were too busy and HUNGRY,
we weren’t able to take pics.=)
Located at Kyoto Plaza, Causeway Bay
After our buffet,
the boys returned to our hotel carrying our shopping bags
while us wander around…
And oh! Don’t forget to drop by SASA!
 Don’t you just love strolling at night without the thought of bad people scaring you off? =)
I do. That’s what I love about Causeway Bay.
 My model! =))
 More street foods!!!
 Of course, we weren’t going home without….
Tai Hing Milk Tea again.
My tummy says it all. OMG.
Anyway, the next day!
Our lovely friend Marenille just arrived.
So happy to see her even for a short while!
And for our last resto hopping.
 Din Tai Fung
 Beef Brisket!
Pork chop rice!
 Clingy peg. My 2 best friends since elementary.
 Our last group shot before heading to….
Yep, we had to take our last sip of their Milk Tea.
Also, we were glad to have bought some macaroons
from Laduree!
Train towards the airport.
 Forgive me to have a snapshot of him, he was kind of good-looking. Haha =)
 At Cafe de Coral.
Take note that we, three, had to share a meal.
Because we don’t have any HK cash left!!! HAHA.
Until then…

I thank God everyday for the wonderful blessings He showered upon me. Nothing is greater than acknowledging HE IS SOVEREIGN, HE IS A PROVIDER and KNOWING HIM IS THE MOST BLESSED GIFT ANYONE COULD EVER HAVE.

I do hope you enjoy my travel post. =)
God bless you all.

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