10 Years Has Gone By

“Dad, where is my Barbie?” I asked my father. “Sorry baby, had to give it to Abigail because I forgot to buy her a Christmas gift.” After the incident I was wailing and the next day he bought me a new one. 

“Why do I need to come home now?” I asked my best friend Florence. “Because Kat, your dad died.” My whole world crashed. We were supposed to meet 2 days after, I was excited to come home. Yet I knew at that moment I can never see my father breathing and smiling, getting angry at my low grades, forcing me to leave the boy who snatched my heart and most of all… He’ll never see me in my white wedding dress.

He left without even saying goodbye. But he left me hope.

Remembering Papa’s smile as he fed me with my 18th birthday cake.| Circa 2002 | Excuse my “kilay and brace” LOL.

I’m sharing this because it’ll be 10 years on January 30, 2014 since my dad left this world to be with our Savior. Only now I can rest assured he fulfilled his purpose in life by preaching the gospel of Christ Jesus. I recall all his Bible preaching verses like JOHN 3:16, he enjoys sharing it to me and I was very annoyed back then. It’s fair enough to say GOD heard his prayer and kept his promise…  because I came to know Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I am SAVED.


I want to share this video and frankly this is the only time when it really sink in to me (even as I am typing this) what JOHN 3:16 is all about. Please have time to watch this.

A short letter for my dad…
Papa, thank you. In spite being an impudent child, you loved me most. You gave the best of everything even when we don’t have much back then. You lay down your life for us so we can be free just as Jesus Christ did. It took years for people to forget and forgive me, they all thought I was the MAJOR reason for your death. I blamed myself too. But in fact, depression is a hardcore battle. Two days, Papa, sometimes I wonder why didn’t you wait for me to come home? Thus, I know that greater is our GOD for all the unanswered questions in life.  
I kept in my heart the last message you sent: 
It took me a little longer after you died to accept who this GOD you were talking about. And He saved me daddy. Just like what you used to say.
“Matthew 18: 12-14”
I will forever miss you, Papa. I’m turning 30 this year. I’m at peace knowing your smiling from heaven. I’m re-thinking of my career now, also, I want to leave Manila (if given the chance)… I’m wiser in choosing a man now (George left me months after you died, you were right all along), to whom I shall submit gracefully for the rest of my life. I wish you could meet him. I wish you can walk me down the aisle like every other bride. And oh, I’m not a brat anymore (I think!)… I will try to find Abigail and we can be friends again. I promise to share my Barbie now.
Lastly, I’m proud that you’re my earthly father. I haven’t said that before. But I’m telling the whole world now. 
PS: I know you’ll never have to worry about me 
because you certainly know that our HEAVENLY FATHER
who is all mighty and strong is looking after me. 
He is my fortress, my strong tower, my protector.
Indeed, God, a Father to the fatherless.
I love you.
Yours truly, 

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