A Love Letter

Dear God, 

Thank YOU so much for YOUR word. It was only now I realized what it meant to be favored, what it meant to be may word sayo si God. Last Monday (July 22, 2013), I was asking myself, why ganon? How come other people say kinakausap daw sila ni Lord on the spot? Paano? Until I got an encounter with YOU. Ang saya lang. ☺☺☺☺

I asked YOU Father God to talk to me, to just feel YOU.. And all of a sudden.. Out of nowhere a small voice came.. Zechariah.. Zechariah.. Zechariah.. I finished my meal and headed to my room. I had my quiet time. Talking to YOU keeps my life intact, always. I asked YOU to fill me with YOUR love, to tell me I’m beautiful, to connect with me to speak to me, embrace me and guess what.. Your presence lingered throughout the room.. I felt like floating… And then YOU spoke to me.. ❤❤❤❤

For the first time in my whole life, I understood what it is to be filled by YOUR love… And for the very first time, I cried a bucket of tears not because I was in pain but because I am happy, contented and blessed. I realized the Holy Spirit cried tears of joy with me at that night. I rest in YOU. ☺❤

The following day… I realized I forgot about the small voice who uttered Zechariah. That morning, I had an encounter with the enemy filling lies and more lies that I don’t deserve to be part of a ministry nor I really felt very welcomed. I prayed to YOU, asked my favorite pastor to pray for me too. After having lunch, I went back to my desk and reminded the word of Zechariah. I read it. Funny thing was I seriously didn’t understand everything but I marked some verses that somehow tells me I need to. That night, I met with my VG leader Joyce, we shared our day to day lives, even my recent biggest frustration and all.. At the peak of our conversation, she asked me why and what struck me with Zechariah. Then I told her that all I know the book says Jesus is coming.. Then I opened my Bible app, I told her too that I marked some verse from the lampstand chapter.. And there my mentor just smiled and said.. “Eh eto na pala yon oh.. Tignan mo ikaw na nanaman may word from God!!” I reread it again
Zechariah 4:10 ❤



And I was like… “Wow lang Lord.. Ibang level ka talaga eh. Sobrang iba. I pray God na through this.. I can also help others walk with YOU. Na inspire ako.. Sobrang wow lang feeling. It’s like if only I can share it to everyone else.. They’d understand how I feel now.. YOU certainly complete me”☺ 
I, then, understood how favored I really am, Father God. With everything You have done to me, it’s also only now I do realized yon feeling na “In love ako sayo Father God” ❤❤❤
Just like the verse you instilled in me through Pastor Paolo Punzalan in the morning..


Thank YOU for your grace is renewed each morning. Your love pours out even if every single day we fall short of YOUR glory. I know Father God this is not a bed of roses journey, and I do know it’s a long long way to go… But one thing I learned too… That when I put on YOUR full armor… I will be able to stick to YOUR plan, YOUR will.. 
Ephesians 6:10


I have to say.. I’m ready now… The battle of the earth begins but I stand firm in YOU, Father God… In YOU alone. No on else. By faith, Daddy, You and me. I love YOU.

Yours truly, 
Katrina Escover
(Your daughter, Your princess) 

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