…of love and affection, KIDS FOUNDATION

Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future
– John F Kennedy.
I’m sure we all have our fond memories of our childhood.
I’ll never forget how I cried over a Barbie,
it was supposed to be mine, instead my dad gave it to his goddaughter Abigail.
So our friendship changed ever since then.
Looking back it was really funny.. And embarrassing to think if I threw tantrums back then.
Oh, how selfish and spoiled little brat I was (Not proud to say, I still am at times!)
So my journey begins with Kids Foundation…
I’m honored to have been invited to share my blessings with these kids.
At Orthopedic Center, Banawe QC…
Meet John Mark Christian Esquillo
 11 years old, one-legged for almost 1 year now due to his tumor. 
Vike(wearing gray) and Roxanne(wearing green)
I’m glad to have met this young boy!
These are the kids at Ortho, waiting for a miracle to be saved.
What a joy to see a sweet smile from this little one!
Another mission task.
(Despite being sick and busy…)
I volunteered again… at Payatas.
and mind you, the night before that…
I baked my very first Brownies and Butterscotch
with the help of my close friend Joana… =)
I’m not sure if it taste great, but I’m sure did! =)
 they are fond of magicians =)
 And of course the famous CLOWN.
(which btw, when I was little, I was scared of ’em)
Can you see the eagerness in ’em for some learnings?
Preparing the food…
 Everyone’s favorite hobby – EATING! (I’m a number 1 fan =P)
He do know how to reach out with kids… =)
One of ’em could be the next President of the Philippines!
Whatya think? One of these could be the next BB Pilipinas huh? =)
with my barkada Joana… I’m very grateful she accompanied me.
These boys with two gorgeous women, not bad… =) haha


Kids waiting for Loot Bags… =)
All they need are love and affection.
You can learn so much from kids,
for instance — PATIENCE.
One day, Some day… Why not today?
So I thank KIDS FOUNDATION for the wonderful experiences.
Especially to Roxanne Oquendo.
And of course, Vike Llave, my mentor, for inspiring me in reaching out.
Cheers! =)

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